Best Music from 2018

Like every year this is my selection of the best music i have heard from last year. Spotify says i have heard 1542 songs, 10222 minutes of music (26% more than last year), i don’t know if it’s a lot though, but, who cares!

In my opinion 2017 was better in terms of excellent works, but obviously also this past year had some amazing albums out.

Rock/Indie Rock

9. Interpol – Marauder

After Our Love to Admire i think they didn’t go to the next step, but they are always pleasant and raw.

8. Melody’s Echo Chamber – Bon Voyage

After their first album with the amazing collaboration of Tame Impala’s singer, they are back with a great work, still on the notes of ‘ethereal’ rock.

7. Mogwai – Kin Soundtrack

Mogwai are Mogwai whatever they do, it can be an album, EP or soundtrack.

6. Jack White – Boarding House Reach

Rock poet, pure talent, always great works.

5. The Good, The Bad & the Queen – Merrie Land

Side Damon Albarn’s project is back after several years of their previous -and only- LP.

4. Muse – Simulation Theory

It’s true, they evolved a lot over the years but it’s incredible their ability to create hits on every work they do. Always more ‘futuristic’ rock.

3. The Breeders – All Nerve

Probably the only female rock bands coming from the amazing 90’s. Elegant as usual.

2. Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

Quiet album comparing to their previous works but Alex Turner’s voice seems to be even more confident on these notes, for sure more remarkable.

1. Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending

I would never think in my life of putting them as my favorite album of the year but after having seen their concert, i appreciate them much more. Their style is always the same, simple, direct and easy to enjoy.

Here is the playlist.

Electronic/Indie Electronic

12. Yves Tumor – Safe in the Hands of Love

New discover for me, but easily to appreciate like everything published on Warp Records.

11. Autechre – NTS Session 2

Do we have Acid Electronic still? yes and thanks to them that over the years they keep their style.

10. Helena Hauff  – Qualm

German, electronic performer, she doesn’t need any other reference i think.

9. The Prodigy – No Tourists

Finally back to their energy that characterized the beginning of their career.

8. Maya Jane Coles – Waves & Whirlwinds EP

Her talent came out few years ago and never stopped. It can be a DJ set (i still remember her set in 2013 at Sonar Festival) or EP like this.

7. Thievery Corporation – Treasures from the Temple

Finally becoming more productive in the last years, their mix of styles and genres are always amazing.

6. Siriusmo – Zeit EP

He published this cool EP at the very end of the year just to be sure he could get in the chart!

5. Soulwax – Essential

What can be more essential that calling all the songs with numbers from 1 to 12?

4. Against All Logic – 2012-2017

Side project for Nicolas Jaar, one of the greatest talent nowadays.

3. Aphex Twin – Collapse EP

Still making masterpieces, great artwork and having a low profile.

2. Nine Inch Nails – Bad Witch

Kind of EP (6 songs) but fantastic work despite some critics for the small format.

1. Daniel Avery – Song for Alpha

Fantastic work, perfect sequence of songs starting from lower vibe then increasing til the fantastic Diminuendo, then slowing down again til the end with the great hits Slow Fade and Glitter.

Hope you will enjoy these songs or that you will discover some new artist you didn’t know before. Happy 2019 (always with headset)!

Playlist here.




2018 Summer Music Season Report (plus age symptoms)

For many reasons this last summer was a summer to remember. First of all i turned 40 (great celebration with many friends in Ibiza) and already itself it’s something to remember (in bad or good way it depends on how u feel about), second for the great gigs i was able to attend. First year i didn’t go to a real festival, ‘age symptom’? Actually there were two on my list but friends couldn’t attend and i wouldn’t have enjoyed going by myself.

As u know, summer in Rome is the time full of nice concerts and events, not much happens during the rest of the year (at least for the music i like).

My summer started with a blast (but also with fear of missing out!). First appointment was with Foo Fighters! Never saw them live so i was really looking forward! So excited that i lost my tickets i ordered as soon as they came out (moving apartment didnt help)! I had then to buy again -second hand- on internet! (Age symptom n.2). The concert actually was in Florence and it was epic!

They started on time, sometimes rarity, with Dave Grohl saying “Are u Ready??”! Ok not super original, but considering the waiting to see them live, it was appropriate! They went through all their discography, including their first self titled album, still the best in my opinion! I still remember when i bought that cd in a video-music shop in Piazza Navona (not there anymore), still sad from Kurt Cobain lost.

Nirvana speaking, guitarist Pat Smear joined the band during the tour and it was fun to watch Dave Grohl playing drums for a couple of songs during the concert…remembering old times! He’s a showman also and u can clearly see he loves to play rock’n roll and to entertain ppl. Two hours and a half! Surprise guests were Gun’s’n’Roses who joined the stage for ‘It’s so Easy’ (their concert was the following day).

Here there my videos!

Still thrilled from this concert i went with 12 ppl in Ibiza for my -and one of my closest friend- bday celebration! We had an amazing time enjoying the beautiful beaches and also to go to some good parties, best combination to make a celebration !

We went to Pacha to David Guetta’ s F**k Me I’m Famous night on thursday and it was better than i thought (not including the 80€ to get in). There were many collateral shows, mostly burlesque, so it was nice to watch. Music was also not SO commercial like i thought.

On Saturday we explored Ushuaia’s Ants night with Joris Voorn performing. Nothing very techno like i mean, but we had a lot of fun anyway (the lights and fireworks show is always impressive).

Sunday is always the best night, we enjoyed Guy Gerber’s Rumors with Bedouin performing and then moved to Heart Club with Saga night (still cured by Bedouin with them always closing the show). Unfortunately the early morning flight didn’t let us to join the party til the end.


Two days after coming back there was another amazing appointment with Pearl Jam in Rome. They were missing here since No Code tour (i was there also) so A LOT of time ago. Concert started a bit late for me because a friend had several problems to get to the stadium and i had his ticket with me (didn’t lose this time). Fortunately they played for 3 hours so and i only missed one song (and also got calf contracture for running hard, age symptom n.3). They were simply perfect, also when performing other covers (from Imagine to Pink Floyd or Kiss). Like Foo Fighters they also went through all their -fantastic- career making everybody happy i think with the songs choices.

I started July with another great show, Mogwai and Franz Ferdinand together. I knew what to expect from Mogwai since i saw them a couple of times already. Call it post rock, noise rock or whatever u like, it s very powerful and intense! They focused more on their last works, less amazing comparing to the first ones, but also enjoyable. Franz Ferdinand were a surprise for me, in a positive way. I’m not crazy for them because sometimes they seem to play same style songs (even if some songs are super nice), but i have to admit that, listened live, they sound much better. Very difficult to not move yourself while listening.

A total different concert was Roger Waters. Fantastic show including special effects, the usual pig flying, dolby surround… very spectacular in the amazing frame of Circus Maximum. I was never a big fan of Pink Floyd and consequently of him, but it’s a show i recommend to watch once in your life. It was very political, especially against Trump, and social in terms of being more open to respect ppl (in our difficult times where intolerance is growing). U can not like the message but it makes u think about values we have in our lives. I personally agree with his point of view (can be considered age symptom n.4, considering his age).

Changing totally style, i attended Kruder & Dorfmeister show. First time solo concert, but it was totally spontaneous (monday evening), i came back home after work so i told myself better being alone with good music than watching TV. I saw them several years ago in the same location (villa Ada park) and i really enjoyed. They were one of the first dub artists i listened. They also make different styles of electronic, but always being elegant in what they do.

How to end this summer full of fantastic shows? With her majesty Bjork in the fantastic location of Caracalla Theater. Fortunately her concert was postponed due to a rain storm because originally it was before Foo Fighters concert so i couldn’t have attended. And more amazingly i saw her for free since a friend gave me as a present! And u know, things for free looks better! Her show, like the other two i have seen, are always magical, this time she created like a magical garden (central part turning on itself) with fantastic flutes band. She always plays maximum 1 hour and a half and also this show wasn’t an exception. But u cant complain at all because u are completely involved in the magical world she created, with both voice and atmosphere.

Best 2017 releases

Later than usual here they are my favourite works from the last year. Overall it was one of the greatest year for the music thats why i will divide them in categories beacuse it’s difficult to exclude some of them.

Pop/Rock-Alternative Rock

Good year for rock music, especially for some ‘big names’. Foo Fighters win the competition with an album finally back to their first works. Chamaleon Bjork always surprises us with new frontiers while Beck is finally back with a very pleasant and fresh work.

10. Arcade Fire – Everything Now

9. Spoon – Hot Thoughts

8. The Horrors – V

7. Metz – Strange Peace

6. Mogwai – Every Country’s Sun


5. Queens of the Stone Age – Villains

4. Thurston Moore – Rock N Roll Consciousness

3. Bjork – Utopia

2. Beck – Colors

1. Foo Fighters – Concrete and Gold

Best Coming Back

In this category i put artists who were -guiltily- silent for too many years. Best work is from The Knife’s singer Fever ray who made an excellent job.

5. Primus – The Desaturating Seven

4. Dizzee Rascal – Raskit

3. Wu-Tang Clan – The Saga Continues

2. Lali Puna – Two Windows

1. Fever Ray – Plunge

Electronic/Indie Electronic

In this category there are the best LPs of the year. St Vincent and Mount Kimbie made their maturity album. LCD Soundsystem built a masterpiece and published the best work of the year until the creativity of James Holden came out.

10.  Kelly Lee Owens – Kelly Lee Owens

9. Temples – Volcano

8. Thievery Corporation – The temple of I & I

7. Liars – TFCF

6. Ellen Allien – Nost

5. Soulwax – From Deewee

4. St Vincent – Masseducation

3. Mount Kimbie – Love What Survives

2. LCD Soundsystem – American Dream

1. James Holden – The Animal Spirits

Here there is the playlist with all the best songs (or videos) of the these great works! Enjoy!


Festival you can’t miss #4: Primavera Sound

Musically speaking, considering also Sonar Festival Off Sonar and DGTL (spanish version), Barcelona is one of the best city in Europe!

Primavera Sound, over the years, got better and better in terms of music offer and ‘maturity’. Festival events were along one week but main festival program was thursday-saturday.

Line up this year was consistent, Aphex Twin, Arcade Fire, The XX, Swans, Thurston Moore, Flying Lotus, Dixon and so many others.

Starting with location, Parc del Forum is an excellent place, huge (more than 2 km walking from the most northern to the most southern stage), also architecturally great, with a long bridge connecting to the ‘electronic’ stages and with many stages by the sea. There wasn’t one main stage, but the most southern ones were the biggest so most of the main gigs were located there (Heineken and Mango stages).

The two electronic stages were on the other side. Bacardi Live was very nice especially for the garden where you could chill and relax with good music and a fresh drink. Desperados club, despite very good DJs were performing, had not a great vibe in my opinion.

Ray Ban, Primavera and Pitchfork were the most central stages while Primavera Pro, Heineken Hidden Stage and Adidas Original were the smallest. Overall 13 stages!

Like all the huge festivals with different styles of music, you can create you own festival based on what you like most and how you feel. Unfortunately i couldn’t attend thursday (missin Aphex Twin, fuck!) because it was a very last second decision but i joined friday saturday!

On friday i went straight to Pitchfork Stage to see The Swans, one of my favorite bands. As i said other times in some of my reviews, they play  the most powerful music i ever heard in my life. Many guitars, several instruments, it couldn’t be the opposite. Frontman Michael Gira, despite his age, is still a stage ‘animal’.

After some exploring around, we moved to the electronic area; hear Polar Inertia (nice), Michael Mayer and Ame (but, as i said before, Desperados atmosphere wasn’t excellent for techno). Then one of the best set of the festival, the excellent Flying Lotus! Also when i attended Coachella, his live performance was among the best ones. How he uses his special effects, few others, one hour performance literally flew away.

Some Dixon set and few songs of great Talaboman closed my first day.

Second day was more chilled considering several kilometers walked! We started -with a fresh mango juice u could get for free in the Mango house- chilling at Primavera Stage listening Weyes Blood. Then we tried to see Thurston Moore but he, surprisingly, played in a small indoor stage that got full so -after a bit of line- we moved somewhere else (i was very disappointed). Walked to Heineken stage to see Van Morrison but he was too far from my idea of music so we left and went to see Metronomy (too pop for me).

Back to the electronic area, an amazing discover, Kelly Lee Owens! At the beginning soft songs, kinda Bjork style, then more and more electronic, great show! She worked with Daniel Avery so that was a guarantee. Moved to listen nice set of Young Marco dj (didnt know him as well). After some electro we walked all the way to other side for Arcade Fire. First time listening to them, amazing show considering music, lights and voice of both singers. They also played a secret gig the day before but we missed (the same did scottish band Mogwai).

Closed the festival with nice discover of Wild Beasts, some John Talabot and  Japandroids.

Overall a very nice experience. I love music festivals, the crowd, the atmosphere, always good vibe!

My playlist with my videos.


Best 20 Songs of 2016


Sometimes not a perfect album can give us very nice songs. Considering the works i appreciated more in this last year, here they are my favorite songs!

20. M83 – Laser Gun (Album: Junk)

I didn’t really understand if this album is good or not, even listening several times and appreciating their previous works.. one day probably i will.

19. Clark – Diamonds Aren’t Forever (The Last Panthers)

Part of the soundtrack of fictional mini series produced by Warp Records. I couldn’t put this song in the final playlist because there’s not on the tube but i invite you to listen.

18. Autechre – Curvcaten (Elseq 1)

Short in terms of songs (not for their lenght) new work for the experimental electronic british duo. Also in this case i couldn’t find this song in the final playlist (fuckin tube!).

17. Justice – Heavy Metal (Woman)

Not crazy for this last work, too many songs with words. I personally like more their instrumental activity and this song remind me them at their beginnings.

16. Pantha du Prince – Chasing Vapour Trails (The Triad)

I enjoy a lot this German guy. Probably not know like he deserves but very talented. In the playlist you will find the whole album, this song is the third one (around 20th minute).

15. Nicolas Jaar – No (Sirens)

Talking about talented guys i cannot forget Mr Jaar. Unique style made by electronic mixed with live instruments in a perfect way.

14. Trentemøller – Sinus (Fixion)

Published in the last weeks of this year, you can clearly recognize ‘Trente-style’, a bit dark, intense, reminding of Nordic countries (where he comes from).

13. Tortoise – Shake Hands With Danger (The Catastrophist)

Going back to Jaar’s unique style also this Chicago band made their music ‘branded’. A mix of post/indie rock, jazz, indie electronic all mixed together.

12. DJ Shadow – Pitter Patter (The Mountain Will Fall)

After 5 years finally a CD that reminds of his first amazing ones (lately he didn’t impress me much).

11. M.I.A. – A.M.P. – All My People (AIM)

Since i’ve put Borders in the previous article, i have chosen another song for the playlist. Amazing work and, as usual, strong messages.

10. Mr.Oizo – All Wet feat.Siriusmo (All Wet)

Very fun work from the most famous ‘yellow puppet’ (Flat Eric song made for Levi’s ad). Small songs, fast, to listen right away. Amazing collaboration with great Siriusmo.

9. The Orb – Moonbuilding 2703 AD – Teebs Moon Grotto Mix (Moonbulding 2703 AD Remixes)

Thus song is not part of their last album (that i consider among the best of the year) but from this EP remixed.

8. Moderat – Finder (III)

Third album for the consolidated trio Modeselektor- Apparat (it seems a duo but Modelektor are 2 guys). Also in this case my favorite song is not on the tube so i will put another one.

7. Digitalism – Dynamo (Mirage)

Interesting work, not impressive, good listening overall.

6. Cassius – Action (Ibifornia)

Staying in France, very nice/fun song feat Cat Power and Mike D (also music video) from one of the most innovative members of the ‘french touch’.

5. Swans – Frankie M (The Glowing Man)

As i said in the previous post you have to be ‘ready’ to listen to them. 15 minutes of pure craziness.

4. Metallica – Hardwired (Hardwired…To Self Destruct)

Watching them live 2 years ago I was pretty sure they weren’t going to retire, too much energy to share. This song can be part of their first albums.

3.Radiohead – Burn The Witch (A Moon Shaped Pool)

Fantastic music video and great feelings come from this amazing song.

2. Death In Vegas – Consequences of Love (Transmission)

From the best album of the year, insistent rhythm mixed perfectly with vocals.

1. Massive Attack feat. Tricky – Take It There (Ritual Spirit)

Best song of the year couldn’t be something different from an amazing collaboration between Massive Attack and Tricky after 2 decades (22 years before with ‘Karmacoma’).

Here there is the playlist with all the songs i mentioned above (almost all). Enjoy and see you in 2017.






Top 5 2016 Albums.

Another year passed by and many interesting works were released. This year, more than others, will be more remembered for very important music artists lost…David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Prince and yesterday George Michael. Personally i don’t feel very affected because their music don’t represent my style but they made history so respect for them and for what they achieved in their lives. By the way, music industry -as well as life- doesn’t stop and we have to move forward instead of crying about the past.

In this (almost) past year i appreciated many works, but, choosing only 5, my favorite ones are:

5. The Orb – COW/Chill Out World (Electronic, Ambient)

Not an usual work for the english duo, but following the line of previous work Moonbuilding 2703 AD. This work seems a ‘new age’ work, very relaxing and peaceful, perfect as a background while you are doing something else.

4. M.I.A. – AIM (Alternative Dance, Alternative Rap)

I really like this artist, one of the most influent artists nowadays. I love her style of music made of many contaminations (never forgetting her indian origins) plus her way to give ‘take home messages’ to our generation. It’s not casual the award she has got from her video ‘Borders’ dedicated to Syria refugees crisis.

3. Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool (Alternative/Indie Rock)

Amazing work after 5 years of silence. I wouldn’t say they did something ‘really new’ from their previous works, but always a pleasant work, pure Radiohead style. As usual they also did very nice music videos directed by famous directors and visual artists.

2. Swans – The Glowing Man (Noise Rock, Experimental Rock)

Listening to Swans is always an ‘experience’. They started to play in the early 80’s and they still are amazing on stage. You have to be ready to long songs (some around 10 minutes), deep vocals and a lot of noise (many instruments)! In some songs it seems there are 3 different ones inside, starts in a way and ends in another one. This last work is a masterpiece.

1. Death in Vegas – Transmission (Electronic)

Like Radiohead, we had to wait 5 years to listen another work from them. Fortunately Richard Fearless didn’t leave us alone and we had the chance to listen many dj-sets and remixes. You will probably remember them for their famous Levi’s advertising song called Dirge. Despite their beginning (more guitars but always with an electric touch), over the years they became more and more electronic but -as well- more charming. Few songs were written (obviously by Richard Fearless) with ex pornstar Sasha Grey who also sings in ‘You disco i freak’ ( Highly recommended. I’m gonna share my two favorite songs of this work.



Festivals you can’t miss #3: Into the Valley

Not many people have heard of this kinda-brand new festival up in the swedish forest…

I have actually run into some pics of this stunning location randomly on fb and i’ve said “What?, Thats insane!”. For those who don’t know the location is in the middle of a swedish forest in a natural cave made by an asteroid falling! Already the description is amazing itself!

It’s a small and new festival (second year) that is placed in Dalhalla, close to Rattvik (300 km north-west of Stockholm). In the same time of the festival there’s also a gathering of old american cars (apparently swedish ppl are really into it) so it seems to go back in the 60’s.

There are 3 stages, the main is down and it s the most spectacular; the other two are nice also but nothing special (one indoor actually). As in all the other music festivals i have been into, people is nice and fun, some very extrovert in their way to dress, some others in their own world, some others real ravers !

It’s a two-days festival (they also made an opening party the day before but i didnt attend) so it’s good for partying hard. First day i’ve got to see: tINI, Sonja Moonear b2b with Raresh (best set of the festival),  Ricardo Villalobos with ZIP. Day 2 i have seen the tricky set of Ellen Allien (she had to change 4-5 CDj over his set), Kerry Chandler, John Talabot, Rodhad, Ben Klock and his majesty Jeff Mills and his perfection.

(Jeff Mills)

(Me and Ellen Allien)

Overall stunning location, great crowd (swedish ppl are nice and friendly), amazing line up and a very pleasant journey. I don’t suggest to camp there because the unstable swedish weather can give u some problem (day 2 rained during the day until early afternoon). But Also real Ravers don’t care about rain at all.

Here there are my videos i have made during the festival.

Best 2015 Albums


It’s always difficult to decide which is the best album of the year, considering also different styles of music. Even more difficult because i wasn’t able to follow monthly best releases as i was used to last years.

My choice is, for some of you not italian, unknown but really deserved (and i only them as italian band and italian music, usually too pop for me). 2015 was the year of big returns to the scene, some really  unexpected. Hope you agree with my chart.

15. Mogwai – Central Belter (Post-Rock)

It’s actually  a compilation that summarize their fantastic career, so if you don’t know them, that’s a good start.

14. The Dead Weather – Dodge and Burn (Alternative/Indie Rock)

After 5 years of their previous work, another reunion for this ‘super band’ leaded by Jack White, including members from The Kills, Queens of the Stone Age and The Raconteurs. If you like Jack White you like whatever he does, style doesn’t change much from their previous works, but power of voices and instruments make this LP very pleasant.

13. Roisin Murphy – Hairless Toys (Indie Electronic)

Ex Moloko’s leader, she comes back on the scene after a looong silence. And she does in her style, soft but scratching. Overall not a ‘Wow’ LP but it’s a pleasure to listen her voice again.

12. !!! – As If (Dance-Punk)

Very good work for !!! (called Chk Chk Chk), they published a record closer to their first albums. Last two were nice but not excellent.

11. Blur – The Magic Whip (Britpop, Alternative/Indie Rock)

I was very curious about their return, especially because Damon Albarn in the last years – but also in the last Blur works- turned their style from pure britpop to electronic sounds. Actually it didn’t evolve in a clear electronic direction (like Radiohead for example) but came back in a pop style, still nice because they are Blur, but probably not what i was expecting!

10. Squarepusher – Damogen Furies (Drum’n’Bass, Experimental Electronic)

If you followed me a little you know i love this artist. I had the pleasure to see his fantastic show at Coachella last year. Sometimes he goes too extreme as sounds but his talent is clear and  finally recognized.

9. AFX – Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-2008 (Experimental Electronic, Experimental Techno, Acid Techno)

Father of experimental electronic music, AFX aka Aphex Twin aka Richard James, made this collection of songs never published or reedited. Last year his last official album won the award ( a Grammy if i remember well) for best electronic album. Not many words to add.

8. Eagles of Death Metal – Zipper Down (Alternative/Indie Rock)

They sadly became famous for the recent tragedy at their concert in Paris, but EODM is one of the best bands in their genre. The fact that Josh Homme (leader of Queens of the Stone Age) is in the project is not casual.

7. Bjork – Vulnicura (Electronic, Pop Rock)

What to say about one of the most influent artists in the last 20 years? nothing new. This album is not great if you listen once, you have to go carefully and slowly into it and it will hug you.

6. Hot Chip – Why Make Sense? (Indie Rock, Indie Electronic)

Talking about amazing return on the scene, Hot Chip album was surely one of the most exciting ones. A -usual- mix of different styles, acceleration and slowing down, everything dressed with different instruments and sounds.

5. Battles – La Di Da Di (Experimental Rock, Indie Rock)

One of the most creative new bands coming out in the recent past. They confirm their creativity in this last work (not easy after the fabulous Gloss Drop) and also in the graphic -food related- part.

4. Metz – II (Indie Rock, Punk Revival)

Fantastic job for this Canadian trio published by historical record label SubPop! When you first listen to it you think, it’s done already? let ‘s listen again! no sophistications, just pure rock!

3. Tame Impala – Currents (Indie Rock, Psychedelic Rock)

How to make a fantastic album after 2 amazing ones? If you are Tame Impala you easily can. It also seems that they are getting better and better and it’s really though considering the masterpiece ‘lonerism’. Better for us! I also recommend to go see them live, they are amazing.

2. Muse – Drones (Indie Rock, Neo-Progressive Rock)

Their perfection in whatever they do (album, concert) is worldwide recognized. Every work is perfect, Bellamy’s voice is amazingly mixed with instruments and rhythms. I never have a disappointment when i listen to them, almost frustrating! I also appreciate their dedication to some causes inside their songs (like Massive Attack), it’s not only music but also a message to open our minds.

1. Verdena – Endkadenz vol.1-2 (Alternative/Indie Rock)

As i said before, their are the only italian musicians i can listen to. They remind me of Nirvana and probably this is the main reason why i like them. The amazing voice of Alberto Ferrari (leader, singer, author and guitarist) and sounds that extend from pure rock to ballads with piano make this band unique in italian scenario. Probably some of you never heard about them but i suggest to do it (and then let me know what do you think).

If you wanna listen what i wrote about, i created a playlist. Hope you will enjoy! Till the next time!


Summer-Autumn concerts!

Long time not ‘hearing’ from me but doctor’s life sometimes doesn’t let me to have all free time that i want.

Anyway i just wanted to share with you all the interesting concerts i have seen recently.

Rome is very good for  concerts in the summer especially, during the year not much happens (at least for the music i like).

Main festival is called Rock in Rome, not only rock music as you can get from the name, but different styles and artists performing. Over the years i have got the chance to see many fantastic musicians, from Radiohead to Arctic Monkeys passing through Deadmau5, Metallica and many others.

Other than that festival, Auditorium ‘Luglio suona bene’ review (translation is July sounds good) also is interesting and the location is great (open air amphitheatre in the big music complex built by the famous architect Renzo Piano) and Villa Ada Festival (music in a park) are also interesting events over the summer going from classic til very alternative music.

Last summer i have got to see Verdena (Rock in Roma Festival), the only italian music i’m able to listen. They reminds me of Nirvana, for the style and for the singer’s scratching voice. I do enjoy their way to play live and -in general- their way to play instruments together, in particular i like the piano. Here they are the 3 videos i have made.

2015-07-14 22.22.20

In the same festival, after few days, i have seen Muse concert. Not many words can describe their perfection in the show, visually and musically speaking. I have to admit that their concert here 2 years ago in the olimpic stadium was magnificent, like 2 hours and a half literally flown away. But it was recorded to make a DVD so it was a different thing than a normal concert. By the way they are always fantastic, is a pleasure to see them.  (3 videos)

2015-07-18 22.41.47

I moved then to Villa Ada to see The Swans and the talent of the frontman Michael Gira. I’ve seen them also at Coachella last April when they were able to play in the last hour of Day2 (very good hour though). They are the kings of noise so if you go to see them you have to be prepared to listen very long song, repetitive riffs and few words. They played over 2 hours, very intense as they are used to do. (4 videos)2015-07-15 22.51.20

I moved to Auditorium to see the Princess Bjork. Second time i see her live (in the same location) and always positive vibes. Concert is usually short (1 hour 15 min) but the quality makes the difference. Very good visual effects, sophisticated dress and voice that is like a caress to your soul. 360 degrees artist, always quality time. (3 videos)

2015-07-29 21.08.34

Going back to Rock in Rome, i was able to see -also second time after Coachella- Tame Impala. Despite the not very smart date (mid-end August when mostly romans are on vacation) it was one of the greatest concerts i have seen! Simple but very involving, they are great live (they also made a good job with a bigger crowd at Coachella). They made us move our bodies all the time. They will become bigger and bigger i’m sure. (3 videos)

2015-08-26 22.19.47

In the autumn i managed to see Apparat (still at Auditorium but not open air anymore) and his orchestra. Very interesting his evolution from being a pure DJ to an electronic performer + orchestra (not a REAL orchestra but many different instruments). I always like when artists evolve in different projects whatever if i like or not (i like his evolution by the way). Highly recommended. (2 videos)2015-10-02 22.36.50

Last act was Robot Festival in Bologna. This Festival is probably the best for electronic music in the italian scenario. It’s divided in different locations (including a castle) and it runs over a weekend. I was able to go only to the last act of this festival but i really enjoyed seeing the performances of James Holden, Siriusmodeselektor, Trentemoller, Clark, Tiga and The Martinez Brothers. (6 videos)

 See You Next time guys. Hope i can write more often.

Festivals you can’t miss #2: Coachella

This year i managed to realize one of my dreams called Coachella.

I booked the tickets one year ago at the end of the previous edition (offical selling was sold out in 41 minutes, new record for an international festival selling!) when i didn’t know which band was performing, but, you know, Coachella is Coachella, it can’t be bad!

And line up was great! On the top of my preferences: Jack White (i’ve seen him when he was part of White Stripes), Gesaffelstein (seen him twice already), Interpol (once), Squarepusher (twice).

But i was also very curious about bands i have never seen before like Tame Impala, Florence + The Machine, Caribou, Flying Lotus, SBTRKT, Kasabian and legendary Swans (i missed them for a friend wedding few months ago)!

Talking about the festival, it was organized amazingly just like americans can do for such big events! We were staying in Palm Springs and shuttle bus connections were working perfectly to many different locations.
No lines for food (great variety) and drinks, a lot of space and never a feeling to be packed, even for main names and stages. Great special effects surrounded by palms, grass and a pleasant wind.

I just didnt’ like the first stage at the entrance, made like a disco, because it was a pity being ‘covered’ with that amazing weather outside. Talking about the weather, we were used to go late afternoon, before it was soooo hot that i dont know how’s possible to stay there too early.

I was really impressed by the performances of Tame Impala (perfect sound to be played in California in that location, in my opinion), Caribou, Flying Lotus (best special effects) and SBTRKT! Swans were amazing also (they pulled down the backstage so there were palms behind them) but in my opinion, they played too late and not for enough time (considering their long songs).

[tame impala]

[flying lotus]



Squarepusher played really hard (also fantastic special effects), Interpol were elegant as usual and Jack White made a mix of old songs and some country music i didn’t know, i love his charisma btw, very involving.


Kasabian also made a good act, as well Gesaffelstein (but i like him more doing dj-set). I ‘m not a big fan of AC-DC and Florence+The Machine so i listened a couple of songs (Florence and Alt-J a bit “slow” for the event in my opinion).

Considering DJs i enjoyed Erol Alkan, Loco Dice and Ben Klock most, Axwell & Ingrosso made usual “bubblegum dance music” but in a very cool stage!

[guy gerber]

Overall i think it’s a festival you have to enjoy once in your life, more if you’re lucky and you live closer!

[our crew]

Here they are videos i have made, enjoy!