I like cats, i love girls, i adore Miss Kittin!

Again coming from France where electro music rocks,  Caroline Herve (her real name) started in the 90’s becoming famous with the collaboration with The Hacker (link below) and their LP ‘First Album’.

Before that she collaborated with Felix Da Housecat in the famous hit Silver Screen…

I would define her style electroclash even if she shift to techno also in her live performances..

I still remember when i’ve seen her in a club in Rome maaaany years ago, there was a huge line so i thought i couldn’t make it but suddenly a friend of mine just got off from  the place and he ‘passed’ the print from his hand to mine so i could get in without waiting hours for the line.. and not only, i did the same for my friends so we were all happy to enjoy her without waiting and even for free! 🙂

From her last Lp ‘Batbox’ …

And her last live show @ Exit Festival !


In this world we need Justice! (even when you jog)

Justice is a french electric duo that broke in the electro-dance music scene in 2007 with their first masterpiece called Justice (not much imagination, even if they are so creative)! When u first listen to it u clearly understand why it’ll be difficult to be on the same level of this work (in fact the following LP Audio, Video, Disco is at a lower level, but still enjoyable)…

I highly suggest u their live album called A Cross The Universe so, if u haven’t been lucky (like me) to see them live, u will understand what that means! (down here part of the show i’ve attended last summer in Rome)

Try them when you jog or you are in the gym, i’m pretty sure you will get much more energy!

They became famous with this collaboration with english band Simian (down there) and after it, they collaborated with many artists like Fatboy Slim, Soulwax, Daft Punk, Franz Ferdinand, Mr Oizo and many more.. even Britney Spears (you know, everybody can make mistakes in life)…

And they also make very cool videos! Enjoy the last one and…Stay Tuned!

You are Divine! (Fits)

Divine Fits is a new indie-rock band made by some Spoon and Handsome Furs musicians and when 2 very good bands mix together what happens? You have a very nice -brand new- super band!

In the last years we have (at least me if you guys didn’t notice) seen many groups made by musicians in different (and interesting) projects…I think about The Dead Weather (Jack White, ex leader of The White Stripes +  The Kills) or Them Crooked Vultures (Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters, Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age + John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin) just to make 2 (good) super band examples!

Talking back on Divine Fits i consider them closer to Spoon than Handsome Furs, not just for the unmistakable voice of Britt Daniel but even for their music style! Enjoy a couple of songs from their brand new work ‘A Thing Called Divine Fits’! Enjoyable LP!

Festivals you can’t miss #1-Electric Zoo

One year ago in the first weekend of September i jumped to NYC to enjoy Electric Zoo festival! Located in Randall’s Island in the north-east part of Manhattan, it’s a great electronic festival with 4 different stages (and styles of music) over 3 days…There’s the main stage with all the most popular djs (like David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren) and 3 other ones but my favourite, of course, was the Techno one (i dont like much dubstep)..Very well organized with transportations (like only americans can do) it was very enjoyable and fun (obviously a lot of fun and extrovert ppl was joining)! i will go through the day i have spent there posting videos of the djs i ve enjoyed during allllll the day (in my favourite techno stage)! From Sweden: Ida Engberg!

From Israel one of my favourite djs, Guy Gerber!

From Germany: Chris Liebing!

From Iran: cheapeau to Dubfire!

At least but not the last, usual great performance by Richie Hawtin!

From last 2012 edition: Luciano (Chile) with great stage and visual effects!

Listen to the Radio(Soulwax)

This is one of my favorite band! They come from Belgium and started as Soulwax (this is the first video i’ve seen of them), then they changed name and they work pretty much as 2manydjs, mostly remixing other songs…

They are one of the most creative bands i’ve ever listened (and seen), not only for the music but also for the ‘graphic’ part…The videos they make animating the LP covers are absolutely great!

They made a website and a free app for iphones/androids where they share for free their new stuff (who does that nowadays??)…

I also recommend to go to listen them live, a great experience! Enjoy!

Electronicraziness-Aphex Twin

I started to listen electronic music cuz I was a bit bored about the post-grunge rock  so i wanted to experience something new and a friend of mine let me listen to Aphex Twin! At the beginning i didn’t like him so much but after listening many times i got into his music! He’s one of the artists that i most like since he’s a “total” artist! Many of his videos are made by Chris Cunningham (like the one down here), a great film director, crazy like him!

They should also looks creepy but i really like them (this is one of them, probably the scariest)!

The music by Aphex Twin (Richard James is his real name) is difficoult to be categorized cuz he made so many different kinds, from experimental til acid techno!

Nowadays the new singers are chosen first for their appearance and then for their talent, he made exactly the opposite.. he played with his image, distorting it, to look worse than he really looks like! After him many others electronic performers followed his style (Squarepusher or Mu-Ziq for example) but he’s just unique!


Hello everybody! Let me introduce myself first, i’m Gaetano, a cardiologist that live in Rome that is music-addicted! That kind of addiction that make u listen the music even if u go 5 minutes to buy the milk in the supermarket or when you go back home driving late in the night and finish to listen the song in the car even if u are arrived! Now u will be asking yourself, which kind of blog name is that?? It’s made from the addiction of my nickname (gaelù, my second name is luca)+love+music putting them together!:-)

I’ve started to write a page on Fb posting all the music i like but now i think it’s the time to move forward in a nicer way (Fb pages are not good if u wanna write), so here i am…:-) Hope u like my music and forgive me if i make some mistakes…

First tribute to the band that let me love rock music! i still remember the day that i’ve heard their first song, it was a hot summer afternoon and i was on my bed listening the radio on my yellow sony walkman! 🙂 year 1993! it was love from at the first…listening!

and this was the song! everybody thinks that ‘nevermind’ was the best album just for ‘smells like teen spirit’ (anyway it was a great album) but ‘in utero’ was the best one for me! such a perfect album! i’m so glad that i’ve got to see their last concert EVER in rome in 1994 (February 22nd)! i was still living in the south and i was 15 so i just went to rome to see the concert and come back the day after! i still remember that in my high school, the day after KC’s death, a lot of ppl came to me to tell me ‘i’m sorry’ like if he was a relative of mine (by the way i was very sad)!! he was too fragile and he had too many family problems growing up that he couldn’t handle all the unexpected success that he got (and the drug didnt help him)!! but he wasn’t the first and he won’t be the last (see amy winehouse)!