Electronicraziness-Aphex Twin

I started to listen electronic music cuz I was a bit bored about the post-grunge rock  so i wanted to experience something new and a friend of mine let me listen to Aphex Twin! At the beginning i didn’t like him so much but after listening many times i got into his music! He’s one of the artists that i most like since he’s a “total” artist! Many of his videos are made by Chris Cunningham (like the one down here), a great film director, crazy like him!

They should also looks creepy but i really like them (this is one of them, probably the scariest)!

The music by Aphex Twin (Richard James is his real name) is difficoult to be categorized cuz he made so many different kinds, from experimental til acid techno!

Nowadays the new singers are chosen first for their appearance and then for their talent, he made exactly the opposite.. he played with his image, distorting it, to look worse than he really looks like! After him many others electronic performers followed his style (Squarepusher or Mu-Ziq for example) but he’s just unique!


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