Hello everybody! Let me introduce myself first, i’m Gaetano, a cardiologist that live in Rome that is music-addicted! That kind of addiction that make u listen the music even if u go 5 minutes to buy the milk in the supermarket or when you go back home driving late in the night and finish to listen the song in the car even if u are arrived! Now u will be asking yourself, which kind of blog name is that?? It’s made from the addiction of my nickname (gaelù, my second name is luca)+love+music putting them together!:-)

I’ve started to write a page on Fb posting all the music i like but now i think it’s the time to move forward in a nicer way (Fb pages are not good if u wanna write), so here i am…:-) Hope u like my music and forgive me if i make some mistakes…

First tribute to the band that let me love rock music! i still remember the day that i’ve heard their first song, it was a hot summer afternoon and i was on my bed listening the radio on my yellow sony walkman! 🙂 year 1993! it was love from at the first…listening!

and this was the song! everybody thinks that ‘nevermind’ was the best album just for ‘smells like teen spirit’ (anyway it was a great album) but ‘in utero’ was the best one for me! such a perfect album! i’m so glad that i’ve got to see their last concert EVER in rome in 1994 (February 22nd)! i was still living in the south and i was 15 so i just went to rome to see the concert and come back the day after! i still remember that in my high school, the day after KC’s death, a lot of ppl came to me to tell me ‘i’m sorry’ like if he was a relative of mine (by the way i was very sad)!! he was too fragile and he had too many family problems growing up that he couldn’t handle all the unexpected success that he got (and the drug didnt help him)!! but he wasn’t the first and he won’t be the last (see amy winehouse)!


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