Festivals you can’t miss #1-Electric Zoo

One year ago in the first weekend of September i jumped to NYC to enjoy Electric Zoo festival! Located in Randall’s Island in the north-east part of Manhattan, it’s a great electronic festival with 4 different stages (and styles of music) over 3 days…There’s the main stage with all the most popular djs (like David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren) and 3 other ones but my favourite, of course, was the Techno one (i dont like much dubstep)..Very well organized with transportations (like only americans can do) it was very enjoyable and fun (obviously a lot of fun and extrovert ppl was joining)! i will go through the day i have spent there posting videos of the djs i ve enjoyed during allllll the day (in my favourite techno stage)! From Sweden: Ida Engberg!

From Israel one of my favourite djs, Guy Gerber!

From Germany: Chris Liebing!

From Iran: cheapeau to Dubfire!

At least but not the last, usual great performance by Richie Hawtin!

From last 2012 edition: Luciano (Chile) with great stage and visual effects!


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