In this world we need Justice! (even when you jog)

Justice is a french electric duo that broke in the electro-dance music scene in 2007 with their first masterpiece called Justice (not much imagination, even if they are so creative)! When u first listen to it u clearly understand why it’ll be difficult to be on the same level of this work (in fact the following LP Audio, Video, Disco is at a lower level, but still enjoyable)…

I highly suggest u their live album called A Cross The Universe so, if u haven’t been lucky (like me) to see them live, u will understand what that means! (down here part of the show i’ve attended last summer in Rome)

Try them when you jog or you are in the gym, i’m pretty sure you will get much more energy!

They became famous with this collaboration with english band Simian (down there) and after it, they collaborated with many artists like Fatboy Slim, Soulwax, Daft Punk, Franz Ferdinand, Mr Oizo and many more.. even Britney Spears (you know, everybody can make mistakes in life)…

And they also make very cool videos! Enjoy the last one and…Stay Tuned!


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