Best 2012 Album? (Good Bands vs Pushed Bands)

You know, every end of the year there are charts and lists of the best of the year and that happens also for the music obviously! So i’ve run into this 50’s best album of the year list made by NME website.

Considering that i don’t know many of them -and i listen tons of music- i’ve asked myself: Am i ignorant? I obviously cannot accept this consclusion! So i’ve made a larger and more complex consideration about Good Bands vs Pushed Bands.

I consider good bands the ones that come from the indipendent scene, starting ‘from the floor’ before going -eventually- to the top! BUT, we are in the Media Era (magazines, websites) and many ‘so and so’ bands become famous from the beginning since they have more influence on the media!

An easy example: The Strokes! I love them, but everybody knows that Julian Casablancas is the son of John, the owner of the famous models agency (suck a poor life for Julian surrounded by stunning models since he was a kid) and he created a record studio in their huge villa for the ‘poor’ son!

They became very famous since their first album, a very good one, but good like so many others i think…So how many are REALLY good bands and how many are pushed by media just because they have more ‘influence’? Think about it!

Getting back to the NME’s list i would include Jack White, Hot Chip (even if the previous album was their masterpiece), The Liars (a VERY GOOD band) and Flying Lotus! But, within the end of the year, i will write you my favourite ones!

Stay Tuned!


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