1 is not enough, 3 is too much: 2manydjs!

Somebody still don’t know 2manydj’s?  Seriously? Come on…

I wrote about them last march in my Fb page but, since i f****** love them plus i’ve seen them last weekend live (third time) i cannot stop myself to post something about!

They started early 2000 as a belgium electro-clash(ish) band known as Soulwax but their passion to remix other songs led them to start a parallel project as 2manydjs!

I think they are on the most creative bands/djs and you can see them through their graphics (in their cds covers/books) AND even more in their live concerts/djsets!

In the digital/smartphone era they are one of the first ones creating an app where you can download for free many remixes and enjoying their animations ! It’s like watching a movie with great music, there’s something better? how many artists let you do it?

well… now… if i’m gonna ask you again who are them and you don’t know, what can i say…It’s your lost! 🙂

Stay Tuned!


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