Don’t behave like that! (but i do some…)

Being inspired from a brilliant article on nbcnews  ( on the 10 most annoying concert behaviors, i admit i do some of those but in a lighter way…Let’s analyze some of them!

Taking pictures the entire freaking show

I like to take pictures obviously but just to remember some moments or when the scenic design is great BUT, it’s true, there are people with huge cameras or just with their cellphones that basically watch the concert through them (trying to focus the stage with no success)!

Checking e-mail, Facebook and Twitter every couple of minutes

That’s another obscure part of people’s mind! You basically stay all day long checking all the time emails, fb or twitter but why keep doing that while you watch the show? so stupid!

Incessantly talking to your friends

If it’s not you, you can be unlucky and find people around you talking all the time…Ok sharing emotions and comments but if you wanna talk all the time go for a beer somewhere else (buying a beer and go back there is not the solution)…

Yelling out requests

Leave them alone…I mean, they are not supposed to sing all the same songs forever! Of course everybody have their favourites but i also enjoy to listen songs that you don’t listen very often. For example i hate when at the radio Djs put always the same songs (like Jeremy from Pearl Jam), come on they play music for 10 years and i always have to listen the same song? Ridicolous..

Pushing your way to the front

yes i hate people coming all the way from the back wanting to go all the way to the front! Just stay where you are and don’t bother people…I also can’t stand people carrying bags on their shoulders getting so much space! What the hell do you have in your bag?? Unless you are sleeping there from the night before or you went there like 10 hours before what do you need to carry??? Mystery…

Filming the entire show on your iPhone

Ok this is a part i actually do but i usually film around 3 videos per concert, which is not so exaggerated! I remember at the Placebo’s concert, the singer making fun of a fan cuz he was filming the concert with an iPad! First of all there are so many people filming that you can just save those videos from You Tube, then just watch the show LIVE and not through a little screen! That’s why you have paid a ticket, otherwise just stay home!

Loudly complaining after the show because the band didn’t play your favorite song

This is the part i really cannot tolerate! As i said before, why the bands have to perform all the same songs for their entire life?? I’ve listened people complaining after the great Radiohead live show just because they didn’t play Creep or some other songs…Considering that they mixed big hits and songs from the last album (thats why bands go on tour, people, to promote NEW songs), their show was amazing from the lights on the stage til the last musician! And what i had to listen on the way to the exit? “Oh i didnt like the show cuz they didnt play Karma Police” Do you really like Radiohead just for a couple of songs?? Pathetic…

Hope you guys liked the behaviors i pointed out from the original article! I think all the music lovers (or at least many of them) that usually go to concerts had ‘the pleasure’ to notice!