Terror in a woman’s car


I don’t wanna sound sexist but i feel a bit ‘in danger’, musically speaking obviously, when i get a ride in a woman’s car (of course not if the woman looks like this one in the pic).

Beside the danger itself due to her attitude to multitasking (ok this is a bit sexist, but also true), when the music is on, you don’t know what to expect. I usually shyly ask:”which music do you listen?” and the most terrifyng answer i get is: “i listen a bit of everything, what’s on the radio!”. While in the many countries in the world it can sound safe, in italy is scary!

First of all, most of the radio stations are -like the italian music itself- sooo pop and commercial (and with a lot of advertising) that you can get diabetes instantaneously. So you can easily understand why you should freak out.

Second, it means that you will be ‘entertained’ with this music (trying to focus on the conversation) aaall the way to the place you are going (hopefully not far and without traffic).

I’m bossy for the music i put in my car (but usually asking which music people would like to listen), so i would never ask to somebody else to change the music they are listening to (because i don’t like if somebody does the same with me and the driver has to be comfortable).

But i also bet people is terrified when they come in MY car (my sister for example is one of those) so i don’t complain much (i suffer in silence)!

Just think twice before leaving your car at home (especially in italy)!


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