CDs, Vinyls or Torrents? (no Cassettes allowded)


Which is your music philosophy?

When i was a teenager and i started to collect music (in particular cassettes since they fitted in my budget) i used to ask to my older sister :”Why do you buy CDs which are more expensive?”. “Because the sound quality is better” she naturally answered, but i felt much smarter since i was used to pay less money having the chance to have more music!

After a while i’ve got the advantage to have CDs (never got much into Vinyls)! Beside the fact that they were objectively cooler as appearance and more pure as sound, you had the real convenience of not going forward and backward like crazy to find a song at the REAL beginning! Even with a remote control it was much slower using cassettes (doing weird sounds) than just clicking a couple of times.

After that my opinion changed (unfortunately admitting that my sister was right), i definitely fell in love with CDs! Many years ago, when internet still was at the beginning, i did not have the chance to get so many information about music. I used to watch music videos on music channels and then wrote some names on a paper before going to the store and buying a CD just because i liked THAT song! Moreover, i bought CDs just because i liked the cover and i had the feeling that there should have been some good music inside, beside the appearance (i know you also did, at least once in your life, so don’t judge)!

Now in the ‘download era’ it’s clearly that you can get much more music; also trying something new is not dangerous for your pockets so you can easily experience more. I have to admit that i still buy CDs as a collector (i have more than 350) but just if i cannot find them in music streaming websites and if i already have all the original CDs of that artist (also to support them). 

Who knows what will we buy in the next 10 years, i only know that wherever i will be there will be always speakers or headphones enjoying my soul.