Spring Attitude Festival

My video of Gesaffelstein performing at Spring Attitude Festival, after Esperanza and Disclosure sets (check out other videos from my you-tube playlist, taken from others)!

Spring Attitude music festival was a 2 days-festival in a popular big roman club organized by one of the best electronic crew in the eternal city called L-Ektrica. I enjoyed the second day listening the sets i’ve mentioned before. Very fun night.

Esperanza in an italian trio that recently jumped into the electronic music scene (in 2010 their first self-titled LP) but adding exotic vibes. Their live reminded me of Battles (which is a huge compliment for them).

Disclosure in a british -familiar- duo (they are two brothers) that also mix different styles of music in their sets: electronic, funky, garage, the more thay have, the better!

Gesaffelstein, despite the name, is a french guy (i know you all thought he was german, as i did) but not from the ‘french touch’ scene (much lighter). His set was pretty intense, electro and techno mixed in a very captivating way.

Stay Tuned.


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