Best June Releases


June was a pretty intense month for the music: I’ve attended one of the most beautiful electronic festivals in the world in Barcelona (Sònar), in Rome many musical events started and new exciting releases came out.

Queens Of The Stone Age – …Like Clockwork (Alternative Metal, Alternative/Indie Rock)

We were waiting 6 years to get their new work after Era Vulgaris that didn’t satisfy many fans. They changed record label (from Interscope to Matador) and they came back the ‘old’ QOTSA. Scratched and hysterical guitars. Intense.

Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest (Electronic, Trip Hop, Ambient)

They also wanted to let us wait long time before publish something else (8 years) but the seventeen songs that make this album worth the wait. Their music always lead your mind to dream places where you have never been (but also where you will probably won’t go). Hypnotic.

Disclosure – Settle (Club/Dance, Garage, House)

British duo publishing their first LP (but many other collaborations, EPs and remixes made them already famous). I recommend to see them live if you have the chance, you won’t stop dancing for 1 minute.

CSS –Planta (Indie Electronic, Indie Rock)

Interesting brazilian band with an interesting name (CSS is for cansey de ser sexy = tired to be sexy). After their exploding self titled LP and two other albums in between, they try to get back the inspiration lost in between.

Gold Panda – Half Of Where You Live (Electronic, Indie Electronic)

Third LP for this british artist who started to become popular remixing other songs but then started (luckily for us listening) to produce his own songs. Cerebral.

Bosnian Rainbows – Bosnian Rainbows (Indie rock, Indie Electronic)

New project from Mars Volta’s guitarist and drummer (Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Deantoni Parks respectively). Far from their post rock, now open to new and more accessible sounds. Lush.

Röyksopp –Late Night Tales (Electronic)

After their last job 3 years ago, this amazing norwegian duo come back with this remixes (nineteen songs precisely) compilation…but always with their great touch (much more quiet comparing to their previous works). Nocturnal.

Siriusmo –Enthusiast (Electronica, Experimental Techno)

Third official work for this german DJ, producer, and illustrator. Published on amazing record label Monkeytown, he made many collaborations with several artists, first of all, german duo Modeselektor (he played recently with them at Sònar Music Festival). Eccentric.

Editors – The Weight Of Your Love (Indie Rock, New Wave)

Another great band publish their new LP in this month. As their earlier works also this one is very enjoyable and intense. Self-Conscious.

Primal Scream – More Light (Pop Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock)

What i have to say about one of the bands whom made history of rock music? Not much that has not been told. I can only suggest this new work (their tenth LP), very pleasant. Exuberant.

Sigur Ròs – Kveikur (Post Rock)

Only if you are a pure talent you can become famous coming from a little island in the middle of nowhere (Iceland). This band is able to give you big emotions with their mellow and melancholic style. Reflective.

p.s. I told you that June would have been a fantastic month.