July-August Best Releases


I know, we are not in 2005 but that was the only pic i could find! And I know also i’m being late but i had an intense work summer so i hadn’t much time to write in here…Those months weren’t the best in terms of new releases but it happens every year (be ready for a very interesting september tho). Here they are my tips!

Moderat – II (Ambient Techno, Experimental Techno)

Second release for this very interesting trio made by germans Modeselektor and Apparat. They like to create new sounds (especially Apparat in the last years) and they have decided to reply after the big success of the first LP. Irriverent.

White Lies – Big TV (Indie Rock, New Wave)

Turning to british new wave, this 4th White Lies work gives you a pleasant listening. Nothing so different comparing to their previous works but still a good one. Melancholy.

Franz Ferdinand – Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions

Talking about another UK band, scottish this time, Franz Ferdinand come back after 4 years of silence. Also in this case you won’t be shocked from the sounds, their style is that one and they don’t go far from it, but you still will like it i think. Literate.

Fuck Buttons Slow Focus (Experimental, Indie Electronic)

i didn’t know them before this work. I have listened to this Bristol duo and i was fascinated from. They take their songs to their maximum, so if you like usual 3-4 minutes songs, you won’t like them (not all are very long like the one i post here)! But i would suggest to give them a try. Tense.

Mu-Ziq – Chewed Corners (Experimental Techno, Electronica, Drum’n’Bass)

One of the purest electro-performers, Mike Paradinas will always entertain you with his very alternative sounds. Following Aphex Twin style, this english man knows how to get out the best from the synthesizers.  Introspective.

CFCF – Outside (Indie Electronic, Ambient Techno)

Going back to less experimental sounds, canadian Mike Silver started his career with several remixes and then EPs. This is his third LP and it’s a very good one (another new discover for me). Self conscious.

Maps –Vicissitude (Indie Electronic, Indie Rock)

Third work for this interesting UK artist (James Chapman). His previous works were remixed by Bjork producer (Valgeir Sigurosson) and mixed by one of Sigur Ros members (Ken Thomas). He also care about graphics,  covers looks amazing.  Impulsive.

Crocodiles –Crimes of Passion (Indie Rock)

Another new discover suggested by a friend. It’s their forth work, but honestly i can only suggest this last one (still didnt listen the previous ones). Suggested if you also like The Raveonettes style. Dreamy.