Best LPs Ever ! #1 In Utero – Nirvana (1993)


Inspired by the 20th Kurt Cobain’s anniversary death, i introduce you to a new section where i will suggest the masterpieces you HAVE TO listen at least once (i hope you did already) and eventually collect (if you are music-sick like me).

Obviously Nevermind represents the ‘break-up’ album (it’s also a real masterpiece) and Smells Like Teen Spirit is considered their best song, since “Nirvana’s bomb” definitely exploded in the music scene with that work. Nevertheless In Utero is the perfection realized into music.

I still remember the moment i’ve listened the first song of this album “Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle”, i was in my seahouse on my¬† bed resting in a very hot August late afternoon (i owned a yellow waterproof Sony walkman with radio at that time). First of all i was fascinated by the very simple and involving rhythm of this song, then also by the title and wanted to know more about Farmer’s history. She was a very famous actress who had a very tormented career ruined by drugs (she was sadly KC inspiration) and by psychiatrists whom practiced electro-shock therapy and -apparently- also lobotomy on her brain.

By the way this is the song:

The LP starts with the amazing “Serve the Servants”, goes through rough-on-purpose “Scentless Apprentice” ( getting to one of their most famous song (correlated with a very cool video in my opinion): “Heart Shaped Box”.

Sweet “Dumb” is followed by short-but-intense “Very Ape” until another ‘brutal’ song “Milk It”. All the album goes through strips, once you relax with a ballad, you jump right after with rough guitars!

So, “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” ( comes after the relaxing “Pennyroyal Tea” and amazingly quite “All Apologies” after super-messy “Tourette’s”.

Usually when you listen a CD several times you get tired of it, that doesn’t happens with “In Utero” and i definitely have ‘overused’ it!

It’s a pity you left us so early, Kurt, but what an amazing job in such short time! Thanks anyway!