October Best Releases


The month of the foliage and Halloween celebration just passed by. Personally a lot of work, musically speaking a lot of interesting new releases. I have decided to create a playlist of the month instead of adding single music videos, better to have the music in one You Tube link.

Mono – Rays of Darkness (Experimental Rock, Instrumental Rock)

Interesting decision to make two short separate albums instead of one double LP work. They probably wanted to separate this one, harder, from the second part (‘The Last Dawn’). I also like the title chosen, nice oxymoron. Uncompromising.

Thurston Moore – The Best Day (Alternative/Indie Rock)

As big fan of Sonic Youth i cannot avoid to mention a legend/poet -in my opinion- of rock. After they have decided to split into different projects, he’s the one more similar to SY’s style (Kim Gordon turned more into experimental and avant guard). Also SY drummer Steve Shelley appears in many songs. Intense.

Lee Ranaldo and The Dust – Acoustic Dust (Indie Rock)

Another SY member, strangely, published in the same month a new work with The Dust band. He’s more ‘quiet’ of his mate Thurston but this doesn’t mean he doesn’t ‘push hard’ on his guitar or that his work is less interesting. Airy.

Ok Go – Hungry Ghosts (Indie Rock)

Following the Halloween theme, the title of this work reflects their styles, volatile. Somebody know them also for their amazing music videos, funny and original at the same time. Being creative in several sides of your work is definitely a must! Playful.

Weezer – Everything Will Be Alright In The End (Alternative Pop/Rock)

Ok, we have to stop to think about them considering only great works as Green or Blue Album. Life requires evolution and we know how it’s important in the music world, the important is to evolve ‘well’ not following the mainstream requests. They did a bit better than their last works, i’m not crazy for them but it’s still enjoyable listening. Freewheeling.

Primus – Primus & The Chocolate Factory With The Fungy Ensemble (Funk Metal)

Tribute to ‘Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory’ movie (album dedicated to Gene Wilder), one of the most original bands on earth (since the 90’s when they started) come back with their irriverent style. Rebellious.

Flying Lotus – You’re Dead (Electronic, Experimental Electronic)

After two years of their last work, this amazing californian band comes back with this work from the irriverent title. 19 songs, not long ones, to listen consecutively, not inside playlists (common nowadays). Cerebral.

Caribou – Our Love (Indie Electronic)

Two years after after his previous work, another very cool LP from this amazing canadian artist. As usual, considering his earlier albums, a very wise mix of faster and slower songs put together. Definitely worth listening. Elegant.

SBTRKT – Wonder Where We Land (Electronic, Club/Dance, Dubstep)

After having remixed many songs of Basement Jaxx, M.I.A. and Underworld, second solo work for this creative and talented London artist. Listening to it, you realize that also by his own, he can make amazing songs mixing very different styles! Ethereal.

Here’s the playlist with the main songs of these new releases.