Summer-Autumn concerts!

Long time not ‘hearing’ from me but doctor’s life sometimes doesn’t let me to have all free time that i want.

Anyway i just wanted to share with you all the interesting concerts i have seen recently.

Rome is very good for  concerts in the summer especially, during the year not much happens (at least for the music i like).

Main festival is called Rock in Rome, not only rock music as you can get from the name, but different styles and artists performing. Over the years i have got the chance to see many fantastic musicians, from Radiohead to Arctic Monkeys passing through Deadmau5, Metallica and many others.

Other than that festival, Auditorium ‘Luglio suona bene’ review (translation is July sounds good) also is interesting and the location is great (open air amphitheatre in the big music complex built by the famous architect Renzo Piano) and Villa Ada Festival (music in a park) are also interesting events over the summer going from classic til very alternative music.

Last summer i have got to see Verdena (Rock in Roma Festival), the only italian music i’m able to listen. They reminds me of Nirvana, for the style and for the singer’s scratching voice. I do enjoy their way to play live and -in general- their way to play instruments together, in particular i like the piano. Here they are the 3 videos i have made.

2015-07-14 22.22.20

In the same festival, after few days, i have seen Muse concert. Not many words can describe their perfection in the show, visually and musically speaking. I have to admit that their concert here 2 years ago in the olimpic stadium was magnificent, like 2 hours and a half literally flown away. But it was recorded to make a DVD so it was a different thing than a normal concert. By the way they are always fantastic, is a pleasure to see them.  (3 videos)

2015-07-18 22.41.47

I moved then to Villa Ada to see The Swans and the talent of the frontman Michael Gira. I’ve seen them also at Coachella last April when they were able to play in the last hour of Day2 (very good hour though). They are the kings of noise so if you go to see them you have to be prepared to listen very long song, repetitive riffs and few words. They played over 2 hours, very intense as they are used to do. (4 videos)2015-07-15 22.51.20

I moved to Auditorium to see the Princess Bjork. Second time i see her live (in the same location) and always positive vibes. Concert is usually short (1 hour 15 min) but the quality makes the difference. Very good visual effects, sophisticated dress and voice that is like a caress to your soul. 360 degrees artist, always quality time. (3 videos)

2015-07-29 21.08.34

Going back to Rock in Rome, i was able to see -also second time after Coachella- Tame Impala. Despite the not very smart date (mid-end August when mostly romans are on vacation) it was one of the greatest concerts i have seen! Simple but very involving, they are great live (they also made a good job with a bigger crowd at Coachella). They made us move our bodies all the time. They will become bigger and bigger i’m sure. (3 videos)

2015-08-26 22.19.47

In the autumn i managed to see Apparat (still at Auditorium but not open air anymore) and his orchestra. Very interesting his evolution from being a pure DJ to an electronic performer + orchestra (not a REAL orchestra but many different instruments). I always like when artists evolve in different projects whatever if i like or not (i like his evolution by the way). Highly recommended. (2 videos)2015-10-02 22.36.50

Last act was Robot Festival in Bologna. This Festival is probably the best for electronic music in the italian scenario. It’s divided in different locations (including a castle) and it runs over a weekend. I was able to go only to the last act of this festival but i really enjoyed seeing the performances of James Holden, Siriusmodeselektor, Trentemoller, Clark, Tiga and The Martinez Brothers. (6 videos)

 See You Next time guys. Hope i can write more often.