Festivals you can’t miss #3: Into the Valley

Not many people have heard of this kinda-brand new festival up in the swedish forest…

I have actually run into some pics of this stunning location randomly on fb and i’ve said “What?, Thats insane!”. For those who don’t know the location is in the middle of a swedish forest in a natural cave made by an asteroid falling! Already the description is amazing itself!

It’s a small and new festival (second year) that is placed in Dalhalla, close to Rattvik (300 km north-west of Stockholm). In the same time of the festival there’s also a gathering of old american cars (apparently swedish ppl are really into it) so it seems to go back in the 60’s.

There are 3 stages, the main is down and it s the most spectacular; the other two are nice also but nothing special (one indoor actually). As in all the other music festivals i have been into, people is nice and fun, some very extrovert in their way to dress, some others in their own world, some others real ravers !

It’s a two-days festival (they also made an opening party the day before but i didnt attend) so it’s good for partying hard. First day i’ve got to see: tINI, Sonja Moonear b2b with Raresh (best set of the festival),  Ricardo Villalobos with ZIP. Day 2 i have seen the tricky set of Ellen Allien (she had to change 4-5 CDj over his set), Kerry Chandler, John Talabot, Rodhad, Ben Klock and his majesty Jeff Mills and his perfection.

(Jeff Mills)

(Me and Ellen Allien)

Overall stunning location, great crowd (swedish ppl are nice and friendly), amazing line up and a very pleasant journey. I don’t suggest to camp there because the unstable swedish weather can give u some problem (day 2 rained during the day until early afternoon). But Also real Ravers don’t care about rain at all.

Here there are my videos i have made during the festival.