Best 20 Songs of 2016


Sometimes not a perfect album can give us very nice songs. Considering the works i appreciated more in this last year, here they are my favorite songs!

20. M83 – Laser Gun (Album: Junk)

I didn’t really understand if this album is good or not, even listening several times and appreciating their previous works.. one day probably i will.

19. Clark – Diamonds Aren’t Forever (The Last Panthers)

Part of the soundtrack of fictional mini series produced by Warp Records. I couldn’t put this song in the final playlist because there’s not on the tube but i invite you to listen.

18. Autechre – Curvcaten (Elseq 1)

Short in terms of songs (not for their lenght) new work for the experimental electronic british duo. Also in this case i couldn’t find this song in the final playlist (fuckin tube!).

17. Justice – Heavy Metal (Woman)

Not crazy for this last work, too many songs with words. I personally like more their instrumental activity and this song remind me them at their beginnings.

16. Pantha du Prince – Chasing Vapour Trails (The Triad)

I enjoy a lot this German guy. Probably not know like he deserves but very talented. In the playlist you will find the whole album, this song is the third one (around 20th minute).

15. Nicolas Jaar – No (Sirens)

Talking about talented guys i cannot forget Mr Jaar. Unique style made by electronic mixed with live instruments in a perfect way.

14. Trentemøller – Sinus (Fixion)

Published in the last weeks of this year, you can clearly recognize ‘Trente-style’, a bit dark, intense, reminding of Nordic countries (where he comes from).

13. Tortoise – Shake Hands With Danger (The Catastrophist)

Going back to Jaar’s unique style also this Chicago band made their music ‘branded’. A mix of post/indie rock, jazz, indie electronic all mixed together.

12. DJ Shadow – Pitter Patter (The Mountain Will Fall)

After 5 years finally a CD that reminds of his first amazing ones (lately he didn’t impress me much).

11. M.I.A. – A.M.P. – All My People (AIM)

Since i’ve put Borders in the previous article, i have chosen another song for the playlist. Amazing work and, as usual, strong messages.

10. Mr.Oizo – All Wet feat.Siriusmo (All Wet)

Very fun work from the most famous ‘yellow puppet’ (Flat Eric song made for Levi’s ad). Small songs, fast, to listen right away. Amazing collaboration with great Siriusmo.

9. The Orb – Moonbuilding 2703 AD – Teebs Moon Grotto Mix (Moonbulding 2703 AD Remixes)

Thus song is not part of their last album (that i consider among the best of the year) but from this EP remixed.

8. Moderat – Finder (III)

Third album for the consolidated trio Modeselektor- Apparat (it seems a duo but Modelektor are 2 guys). Also in this case my favorite song is not on the tube so i will put another one.

7. Digitalism – Dynamo (Mirage)

Interesting work, not impressive, good listening overall.

6. Cassius – Action (Ibifornia)

Staying in France, very nice/fun song feat Cat Power and Mike D (also music video) from one of the most innovative members of the ‘french touch’.

5. Swans – Frankie M (The Glowing Man)

As i said in the previous post you have to be ‘ready’ to listen to them. 15 minutes of pure craziness.

4. Metallica – Hardwired (Hardwired…To Self Destruct)

Watching them live 2 years ago I was pretty sure they weren’t going to retire, too much energy to share. This song can be part of their first albums.

3.Radiohead – Burn The Witch (A Moon Shaped Pool)

Fantastic music video and great feelings come from this amazing song.

2. Death In Vegas – Consequences of Love (Transmission)

From the best album of the year, insistent rhythm mixed perfectly with vocals.

1. Massive Attack feat. Tricky – Take It There (Ritual Spirit)

Best song of the year couldn’t be something different from an amazing collaboration between Massive Attack and Tricky after 2 decades (22 years before with ‘Karmacoma’).

Here there is the playlist with all the songs i mentioned above (almost all). Enjoy and see you in 2017.