Festivals you can’t miss #3: Into the Valley

Not many people have heard of this kinda-brand new festival up in the swedish forest…

I have actually run into some pics of this stunning location randomly on fb and i’ve said “What?, Thats insane!”. For those who don’t know the location is in the middle of a swedish forest in a natural cave made by an asteroid falling! Already the description is amazing itself!

It’s a small and new festival (second year) that is placed in Dalhalla, close to Rattvik (300 km north-west of Stockholm). In the same time of the festival there’s also a gathering of old american cars (apparently swedish ppl are really into it) so it seems to go back in the 60’s.

There are 3 stages, the main is down and it s the most spectacular; the other two are nice also but nothing special (one indoor actually). As in all the other music festivals i have been into, people is nice and fun, some very extrovert in their way to dress, some others in their own world, some others real ravers !

It’s a two-days festival (they also made an opening party the day before but i didnt attend) so it’s good for partying hard. First day i’ve got to see: tINI, Sonja Moonear b2b with Raresh (best set of the festival),  Ricardo Villalobos with ZIP. Day 2 i have seen the tricky set of Ellen Allien (she had to change 4-5 CDj over his set), Kerry Chandler, John Talabot, Rodhad, Ben Klock and his majesty Jeff Mills and his perfection.

(Jeff Mills)

(Me and Ellen Allien)

Overall stunning location, great crowd (swedish ppl are nice and friendly), amazing line up and a very pleasant journey. I don’t suggest to camp there because the unstable swedish weather can give u some problem (day 2 rained during the day until early afternoon). But Also real Ravers don’t care about rain at all.

Here there are my videos i have made during the festival.

Festivals you can’t miss #2: Coachella

This year i managed to realize one of my dreams called Coachella.

I booked the tickets one year ago at the end of the previous edition (offical selling was sold out in 41 minutes, new record for an international festival selling!) when i didn’t know which band was performing, but, you know, Coachella is Coachella, it can’t be bad!

And line up was great! On the top of my preferences: Jack White (i’ve seen him when he was part of White Stripes), Gesaffelstein (seen him twice already), Interpol (once), Squarepusher (twice).

But i was also very curious about bands i have never seen before like Tame Impala, Florence + The Machine, Caribou, Flying Lotus, SBTRKT, Kasabian and legendary Swans (i missed them for a friend wedding few months ago)!

Talking about the festival, it was organized amazingly just like americans can do for such big events! We were staying in Palm Springs and shuttle bus connections were working perfectly to many different locations.
No lines for food (great variety) and drinks, a lot of space and never a feeling to be packed, even for main names and stages. Great special effects surrounded by palms, grass and a pleasant wind.

I just didnt’ like the first stage at the entrance, made like a disco, because it was a pity being ‘covered’ with that amazing weather outside. Talking about the weather, we were used to go late afternoon, before it was soooo hot that i dont know how’s possible to stay there too early.

I was really impressed by the performances of Tame Impala (perfect sound to be played in California in that location, in my opinion), Caribou, Flying Lotus (best special effects) and SBTRKT! Swans were amazing also (they pulled down the backstage so there were palms behind them) but in my opinion, they played too late and not for enough time (considering their long songs).

[tame impala]

[flying lotus]



Squarepusher played really hard (also fantastic special effects), Interpol were elegant as usual and Jack White made a mix of old songs and some country music i didn’t know, i love his charisma btw, very involving.


Kasabian also made a good act, as well Gesaffelstein (but i like him more doing dj-set). I ‘m not a big fan of AC-DC and Florence+The Machine so i listened a couple of songs (Florence and Alt-J a bit “slow” for the event in my opinion).

Considering DJs i enjoyed Erol Alkan, Loco Dice and Ben Klock most, Axwell & Ingrosso made usual “bubblegum dance music” but in a very cool stage!

[guy gerber]

Overall i think it’s a festival you have to enjoy once in your life, more if you’re lucky and you live closer!

[our crew]

Here they are videos i have made, enjoy!


Spring Attitude Festival

My video of Gesaffelstein performing at Spring Attitude Festival, after Esperanza and Disclosure sets (check out other videos from my you-tube playlist, taken from others)!

Spring Attitude music festival was a 2 days-festival in a popular big roman club organized by one of the best electronic crew in the eternal city called L-Ektrica. I enjoyed the second day listening the sets i’ve mentioned before. Very fun night.

Esperanza in an italian trio that recently jumped into the electronic music scene (in 2010 their first self-titled LP) but adding exotic vibes. Their live reminded me of Battles (which is a huge compliment for them).

Disclosure in a british -familiar- duo (they are two brothers) that also mix different styles of music in their sets: electronic, funky, garage, the more thay have, the better!

Gesaffelstein, despite the name, is a french guy (i know you all thought he was german, as i did) but not from the ‘french touch’ scene (much lighter). His set was pretty intense, electro and techno mixed in a very captivating way.

Stay Tuned.