Best LPs Ever ! #1 In Utero – Nirvana (1993)


Inspired by the 20th Kurt Cobain’s anniversary death, i introduce you to a new section where i will suggest the masterpieces you HAVE TO listen at least once (i hope you did already) and eventually collect (if you are music-sick like me).

Obviously Nevermind represents the ‘break-up’ album (it’s also a real masterpiece) and Smells Like Teen Spirit is considered their best song, since “Nirvana’s bomb” definitely exploded in the music scene with that work. Nevertheless In Utero is the perfection realized into music.

I still remember the moment i’ve listened the first song of this album “Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle”, i was in my seahouse on my  bed resting in a very hot August late afternoon (i owned a yellow waterproof Sony walkman with radio at that time). First of all i was fascinated by the very simple and involving rhythm of this song, then also by the title and wanted to know more about Farmer’s history. She was a very famous actress who had a very tormented career ruined by drugs (she was sadly KC inspiration) and by psychiatrists whom practiced electro-shock therapy and -apparently- also lobotomy on her brain.

By the way this is the song:

The LP starts with the amazing “Serve the Servants”, goes through rough-on-purpose “Scentless Apprentice” ( getting to one of their most famous song (correlated with a very cool video in my opinion): “Heart Shaped Box”.

Sweet “Dumb” is followed by short-but-intense “Very Ape” until another ‘brutal’ song “Milk It”. All the album goes through strips, once you relax with a ballad, you jump right after with rough guitars!

So, “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” ( comes after the relaxing “Pennyroyal Tea” and amazingly quite “All Apologies” after super-messy “Tourette’s”.

Usually when you listen a CD several times you get tired of it, that doesn’t happens with “In Utero” and i definitely have ‘overused’ it!

It’s a pity you left us so early, Kurt, but what an amazing job in such short time! Thanks anyway!







In our lives we all are Liars!


Nowadays is difficult, in my opinion, to find a band who is creative in all the albums that they published, even more changing their style over the years.

They started to play in 2000 (seems recent but it’s already 14 years ago) in NYC (but originally they are from LA and Nebraska) invading post punk music scene with “They threw us all in a trench and stuck a monument on top”, a very ‘fast’ -in term of short and intense songs- and captivating LP.

Second work -“They were wrong so we drowned”- was more experimental (due also to musicians changes in the band), with some more electronic influences. The fact the LA guys were originally art students is clear when you see their creative videos (check the one below).

They moved to Berlin before their next work and, you know, when you go to Berlin something interesting happens in creativity. They published “Drum’s not dead”, an experimental work combined with short films made by the band and other filmmakers (like in the following video). You can find mellow songs ‘Beck-like’ or more noisy and instrumental ‘Sonic Youth-like’.

After only 1 year (we are in 2007 at this point, the album is called “Liars” itself) they get back to their original style made of scratching guitar riffs like the opening ‘Plaster casts of everything’ (the amazing video below) until the sweet notes of ‘Protection’. Very enjoyable but more commercial work.

Three years after they came back ‘home’ and created the double LP ‘Sisterworld’ in California. More atmospheric sounds but typical Liars changeable style, basically summarized by the song “Scissor”, quite mellow beginning followed by noisy and involving guitars (again also nice music video).

In 2012’s “WIXIW” (read as wish you) Liars turns into electronic sounds more constantly than before.

And now we -finally (especially for you who read)- arrive to their last work “Mess”, an intense work following (permanently?) electro beats and sounds from the previous WIXIW. Nice artworks (pics) and videos announced this last LP (2 trailers in the links below), it was one the few times i was really thrilled for a forthcoming album.

Some songs make it like a disco-electro work, beats are insistent and you cannot be calm without moving a little part of your body. In a certain way it can be a 2Manydj’s work.

I personally like all the styles they are performing over the years. Some people who liked their first noisy rock works can be disappointed but i think that every time some people will like your work, some others won’t.

It’s life and then you can’t believe to Liars.

January-February Best Releases


Winter is almost over! We are going towards outdoor concerts and festivals, pretty excited about that! Winter in Rome, musically speaking, is not memorable and this last one wasn’t an exception. Many new works from California these months, good weather is inspiring apparently.

BECK – Morning Phase (Indie Rock)

We had to wait six long years for a new work and finally we can join! One page is not enough to describe this superb -eclectic- artist, poet, song and music writer. Every little book u can find in his CDs is very well made and it’s worth buying it.  Freewheeling.

MOGWAI – Rave Tapes (Indie Rock, Post Rock)

12th LP for this amazing scottish band! I personally admire who is able to be so creative with instruments only, very difficult (the song i’m posting have words actually). They always are able to make great works (at least for me!). Also in this album you can find mellow songs mixed with more noisy ones and ballads. Visceral.

XIU XIU – Angel Guts: Red Classroom (Experimental Rock, Synth-Pop, Indie Electronic)

Very particular band coming from California formed around 10 years ago. This last work have some more dark influences that, mixed with Jamie Stewart’s (particular) voice, make an interesting combination. Theatrical.

THE NOTWIST – Close To the Glass (Indie Rock, Indie Electronic)

German post-hardcore band originally, they shifted toward electronic influences during their career. Also this work, after 5 years of silence, shows that they have consolidated into electronic. Detached. 

CIBO MATTO – Hotel Valentine (Indie Rock)

How i can describe a japanese band relocated in NYC with an italian name? Well, not easy especially because their style is not easy to define. After their last work, 8 years passed by but the long waiting didn’t affect their talent. Organic.

PLANNINGTOROCK – All Love’s Legal (Indie Electronic)

Interesting work from this extrovert artist (Janine Rostron is also programmer and videographer) coming from UK but musically formed in Berlin. Glam rock mixed with electronic influences. Playful.

WARPAINT – Warpaint (Indie Rock, New Wave)

Not a long career (yet) as the previous artists above, but promising perspectives for this band coming from LA. This self titled work comes after their debut LP in 2010 and is very pleasant (reminding me of Blonde Redhead). Artwork LP is cared by Chris Cunningham. Ethereal.

Best 2013 LPs.


This is my chart of the best works in the 2013! My favourite album of the year is double CD of The Knife. Two ‘outsiders’ following, Sonic Youth’ s Thurston Moore side project (Chelsea Light Moving) and the amazing third work of Fuck Buttons.

10. Arctic Monkeys – AM

9. Gesaffelstein – Aleph

8. Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest

7. Nightmares On Wax – Feelin’ Good

6. Trentemoller – Lost

5. M.I.A. – Matangi

4. Nine Inch Nails – Hesitation Marks

3. Chelsea Light Moving – CLM

2. Fuck Buttons – Slow Focus

1. The Knife – Shacking The Habitual

Here they are videos from the first 3 in my charts that perfectly summarize my love for rock and electronic music.

This CLM song is totally Sonic Youth-like, the insistent guitar riffs in the middle of the song is unbelieveble.

When you listen this FB song (the first i’ve heard actually) you will be amazed by the repetitive background rhythm mixed with electric following distortions. Live from last Glastonsbury Festival.

Full of Fire is the song of the year in my opinion. Here it is their live performance (i wanna go see them so bad)!

Have a good 2014 full of music in your ears and in your veins!

November-December Best Releases

Chilly end of 2013 in terms of new releases, but, among them, one of the best album of the year (i will publish my favourite 2013 LPs in another post).

M.I.A.- Matangi (Alternative Dance)

It’s difficult to categorize M.I.A. music style in one or two categories since she is able to mix electronic, dancehall, with indian influences in a Pandora’s box. That’s why she’s pretty unique. I personally like all the works she published cuz she’s able to have a common style, slightly changing it in every work. Energetic.

Sebastien Tellier – Confection (Ambient Pop)

Talking about music style difficult to categorize, Tellier comes out with his ’80 style melted in a modern expression. His last work is much more melancholic than the previous ones, where you are able to find some electro influence. Still an amazing work but, who like his previous works, probably won’t be completely satisfied by this one. In my opinion he’s a poet (musically speaking). Elegant.

Booka Shade Eve (Club Dance)

Music artists usually go to Germany to improve their skills, this german duo went to the opposite direction and moved to UK many years ago. This work is made of 2 LPs, first one is more like an album, second one more as DJ set. Nocturnal.

The Fall – The Remainderer EP (Punk, Post Punk, Indie Rock)

What to add more to a band that contributed to the british punk history and that published their first album in 1979? Not much. I just recommend this EP if you like their style made of distorsions and apparently non-sense sounds. I am always amazed when a band still having creativity over decades.  Irreverent.

Gap Dream – Shine Your Light (Alternative/Indie Rock, New Wave)

A new discover for me, i confess i was attracted by their cover LP! It’s their second work and in my opinion a very good and solid work. Highly recommended. Exuberant.




October Best Releases

As often happens, after an amazing musically-speaking month, a more queit one comes out.  But, for a music-addicted like me, i always find amazing works to share. Look at them!

Pearl Jam – Lightining Bolt (Alternative Rock, Grunge)

What can i say about PJ? Twenty years of career, amazing works, Eddie Vedder’s voice…They can be old style, but…what a style! Visceral.

Four Tet –Beautiful Rewind (Indie Electronic)

After two years after Hebden version of Fabriclive, a new whole Four Tet work, full, as usual, of amazing atmosphere, interesting collaborations (Thom Yorke) and cool sounds. I truly believe you’ll like it. Suspenseful.

Gesaffelstein – Aleph (Electro, Techno)

No he’s not german, austrian or dutch, just a french guy who play live amazing sets and now published his first (and fantastic) work! Go to see some of his sets, and watch this movie-video, very nice. Scratching.

Daniel Avery – Drone Logic (Indie Electronic, IDM)

You probably don’t know him but if i say Death in Vegas, sounds familiar? Yes he’s one of their brains (musician and voice). This solo work is much faster than DIV works, but still hypnotic in some of his tracks. Kinetic.

Kid606 – Happiness (Electronic, Brackbeat)

We all know the talent (at least i do) of this venezuelan born guy. His electronic influences change in every LP so you don’t know what to expect. Volatile.

Russian Circles – Memorial (Post Rock, Alternative Rock)

Despite the name, this american band just published their 5th work. As the previous ones, very good tracks and amazing vibes even without words. In my opinion one of the best post rock bands at the moment. Tense.

Korn –The Paradigm Shift (Alternative Metal, Post Grunge)

Ok we agree that they are not ‘hard’ like their previous works, but they can still be pleasant. And this LP i think is also better than some recent one. Angst-Ridden.

Lee Ranaldo & The Dust –Last Night On Earth (Indie Rock)

One of many parallel Sonic Youth musicians projects came out, this time with the collaboration between Lee Ranaldo and The Dust (Steve Shelley’s parallel band). Softer than Thurston Moore’s Chelsea Light Moving project but very nice and enjoyable (with some intense guitar riffs though). Freewheeling.

Yuck – Glow & Behold (Indie Rock)

Second work for this renovated UK band; some of the musicians left and new ones came in. Result -fortunately- is still a pretty album like their first one. Exuberant.



September Best Realeases


As i told you in advance few weeks ago, September was an amazing month (musically speaking), one of the best since i’ve started this blog. Hope you will enjoy!

Arctic Monkeys – AM (Indie Rock)

Fifth work for this british band always on Domino Records like the previous ones. They try to improve the quality of their last -less fortunate- works like Suck It and See and Humbug, but we all know that the quality level of their first work is unreachable. In my opinion this LP is better than the last one. Freewheeling.

MGMT – MGMT (Indie Pop, Indie Electronic, New Psychedelia)

Third work for this amazing NYC band. Probably a little bit less intense than the previous -amazing- work but still very enjoyable. When you listen to them it seems you are in another dimension (one of the best things about music and about the artists creativity). Atmospheric.

TrentemØller – Lost (Electronic, Downbeat)

New interesting work for this talented danish electronic performer. His last work LP was full of remixes, this time he mixed new songs but also with some interesting collaborations (Kazu Makino from Blonde Redhead, like in this video below). Cerebral.

Nine Inch Nails – Hesitation Marks (Alternative Rock, Industrial Rock)

I didn’t really believe Nine Inch Nails were going to retire (even if i went to watch them live for their ‘last’ tour, just in case). After his parallel project involving his wife (How To Destroy Angels), Trent Reznor came back with the original band and this amazing LP.  Intense.

Placebo –Loud Like Love (Alternative Rock, Neo Glam, Punk Pop)

After 4 years from their previous work, Placebo come back with an intense work. They try to go back to their beginning style, but still with an electric (glam) touch, characteristic of their music evolution. Confident.

Goldfrapp – Tales of Us (Alternative/Indie Rock, Electronica)

What to expect from one of the most changeable contemporary artists ? An intense, unique and amazing work. It just depends on which Goldfrapp style do you like more (personally, all of them). Elegant.

Nightmares On Wax –Feelin’ Good (Electronic, Downtempo)

Published on Warp Records, this new work from is very enjoyable. It’s difficult to categorize it in a single style, since they like to mix different ones. Energetic.

Glasvegas – When Tv Turns To Static (Indie Rock)

Third work from this scottish (no they are not from US) band, two years from the previous one. Don’t expect something sophisticated, but easy listening and simple rock songs. Raucous.

Mùm – Smilewound (Indie Electronic, Electronica)

We are getting used of talented artists coming from the little island in the middle of nowhere called Iceland. Somebody would probably dislike their mellow style (perfect for a rainy day, but can be depressing also), but in this new work they also pump up the beat (like in this song i’ve chosen). Reflective.

Clark – Feast/Beast (Electronic)

Published (again) on Warp Records, this double LP of remixes is great. First because he chooses great songs to remix (from Amon Tobin to Nathan Fake), second because of his high quality touch. Quirky.

The Stepkids – Troubadour (Alternative/Indie Rock, Neo Soul)

Coming from Connecticut this interesting band just published their second album that i would define as a nice psychedelic funk work. Trippy.

Chvrches – The Bones of What You Believe (Synth Pop, Indie Electronic)

Debut LP for this scottish band that started their career supporting Passion Pit’s 2012 UK tour. Now they started to ‘walk alone’ and i think they can have a good career.  Exuberant.

See you next month!


July-August Best Releases


I know, we are not in 2005 but that was the only pic i could find! And I know also i’m being late but i had an intense work summer so i hadn’t much time to write in here…Those months weren’t the best in terms of new releases but it happens every year (be ready for a very interesting september tho). Here they are my tips!

Moderat – II (Ambient Techno, Experimental Techno)

Second release for this very interesting trio made by germans Modeselektor and Apparat. They like to create new sounds (especially Apparat in the last years) and they have decided to reply after the big success of the first LP. Irriverent.

White Lies – Big TV (Indie Rock, New Wave)

Turning to british new wave, this 4th White Lies work gives you a pleasant listening. Nothing so different comparing to their previous works but still a good one. Melancholy.

Franz Ferdinand – Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions

Talking about another UK band, scottish this time, Franz Ferdinand come back after 4 years of silence. Also in this case you won’t be shocked from the sounds, their style is that one and they don’t go far from it, but you still will like it i think. Literate.

Fuck Buttons Slow Focus (Experimental, Indie Electronic)

i didn’t know them before this work. I have listened to this Bristol duo and i was fascinated from. They take their songs to their maximum, so if you like usual 3-4 minutes songs, you won’t like them (not all are very long like the one i post here)! But i would suggest to give them a try. Tense.

Mu-Ziq – Chewed Corners (Experimental Techno, Electronica, Drum’n’Bass)

One of the purest electro-performers, Mike Paradinas will always entertain you with his very alternative sounds. Following Aphex Twin style, this english man knows how to get out the best from the synthesizers.  Introspective.

CFCF – Outside (Indie Electronic, Ambient Techno)

Going back to less experimental sounds, canadian Mike Silver started his career with several remixes and then EPs. This is his third LP and it’s a very good one (another new discover for me). Self conscious.

Maps –Vicissitude (Indie Electronic, Indie Rock)

Third work for this interesting UK artist (James Chapman). His previous works were remixed by Bjork producer (Valgeir Sigurosson) and mixed by one of Sigur Ros members (Ken Thomas). He also care about graphics,  covers looks amazing.  Impulsive.

Crocodiles –Crimes of Passion (Indie Rock)

Another new discover suggested by a friend. It’s their forth work, but honestly i can only suggest this last one (still didnt listen the previous ones). Suggested if you also like The Raveonettes style. Dreamy.



Best June Releases


June was a pretty intense month for the music: I’ve attended one of the most beautiful electronic festivals in the world in Barcelona (Sònar), in Rome many musical events started and new exciting releases came out.

Queens Of The Stone Age – …Like Clockwork (Alternative Metal, Alternative/Indie Rock)

We were waiting 6 years to get their new work after Era Vulgaris that didn’t satisfy many fans. They changed record label (from Interscope to Matador) and they came back the ‘old’ QOTSA. Scratched and hysterical guitars. Intense.

Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest (Electronic, Trip Hop, Ambient)

They also wanted to let us wait long time before publish something else (8 years) but the seventeen songs that make this album worth the wait. Their music always lead your mind to dream places where you have never been (but also where you will probably won’t go). Hypnotic.

Disclosure – Settle (Club/Dance, Garage, House)

British duo publishing their first LP (but many other collaborations, EPs and remixes made them already famous). I recommend to see them live if you have the chance, you won’t stop dancing for 1 minute.

CSS –Planta (Indie Electronic, Indie Rock)

Interesting brazilian band with an interesting name (CSS is for cansey de ser sexy = tired to be sexy). After their exploding self titled LP and two other albums in between, they try to get back the inspiration lost in between.

Gold Panda – Half Of Where You Live (Electronic, Indie Electronic)

Third LP for this british artist who started to become popular remixing other songs but then started (luckily for us listening) to produce his own songs. Cerebral.

Bosnian Rainbows – Bosnian Rainbows (Indie rock, Indie Electronic)

New project from Mars Volta’s guitarist and drummer (Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Deantoni Parks respectively). Far from their post rock, now open to new and more accessible sounds. Lush.

Röyksopp –Late Night Tales (Electronic)

After their last job 3 years ago, this amazing norwegian duo come back with this remixes (nineteen songs precisely) compilation…but always with their great touch (much more quiet comparing to their previous works). Nocturnal.

Siriusmo –Enthusiast (Electronica, Experimental Techno)

Third official work for this german DJ, producer, and illustrator. Published on amazing record label Monkeytown, he made many collaborations with several artists, first of all, german duo Modeselektor (he played recently with them at Sònar Music Festival). Eccentric.

Editors – The Weight Of Your Love (Indie Rock, New Wave)

Another great band publish their new LP in this month. As their earlier works also this one is very enjoyable and intense. Self-Conscious.

Primal Scream – More Light (Pop Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock)

What i have to say about one of the bands whom made history of rock music? Not much that has not been told. I can only suggest this new work (their tenth LP), very pleasant. Exuberant.

Sigur Ròs – Kveikur (Post Rock)

Only if you are a pure talent you can become famous coming from a little island in the middle of nowhere (Iceland). This band is able to give you big emotions with their mellow and melancholic style. Reflective.

p.s. I told you that June would have been a fantastic month.

Best May Releases


After an amazing April (talking about new LP) and a very interesting June about to come, May is a transition month! Not many releases kept my attentions, those are my choices:

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (Electronic)

We had to wait 8 years waiting a new album, but it worthed! Ok, they published 3 years ago Tron Soundtrack and it was great, but LP is different. Their first song published (with Pharrell Williams) is already an international success. Also Julian Casablancas (The Strokes frontman) and Panda Bear appear in this amazing work. Exuberant.

Tricky – False Idols (Trip Hop)

This LP is a perfect combination between first and last works of this incredible artist! So both if you like most his first period or the last you will wnjoy for sure. You will enjoy the beautiful italian voice of Francesca Belmonte in many songs of this nice album. Enigmatic.

The Fall – Re-Mit (Alternative/Indie Rock)

How is possible to talk about a band that published already something like 30 LPs? Many pages of my blog probably would be necessary but i’m not interested into (and i think you as well). So i just say that it’s always great to listen an ‘old’ band still creating music and feeling inspired! Sarcastic.

ATOM – The Eccentric Electrics of Atom & Friends (Electronic, Experimental Techno)

Collection of songs composed over the years (from 1998 til 2011) from this amazing electro artist (real name Uwe Schmidt). You can listen quite but also intense (pure Atom style, like the example below) songs in this LP. Atmospheric.

CocoRosie – Tales of a GrossWidow (Indie Rock, Indie Electronic)

If you don’t know this amazing and fresh french duo (actually they are sisters), you missed a lot. Their style is unique and it’s very difficult in a time where everything is already done basically. Hypnotic.

Oblivians – Desperation (Garage Punk, Indie Rock)

Coming from the ’90s this american band from Memphis will surprise you with their guitars. To those who likes more scratching guitars than ‘chic’ and sophisticated riffs. Visceral.

Bibio – Silver Wilkinson (Indie Electronic, Electro-Acoustic)

English composer Stephen Wilkinson published this new album on the fascinating Warp Records. Recommended if you like to relax and dream about a far away place (while you are stuck at work in a rainy day). Ethereal.

See you next month guys! Be ready to amazing new releases coming in June!