Best 2015 Albums


It’s always difficult to decide which is the best album of the year, considering also different styles of music. Even more difficult because i wasn’t able to follow monthly best releases as i was used to last years.

My choice is, for some of you not italian, unknown but really deserved (and i only them as italian band and italian music, usually too pop for me). 2015 was the year of big returns to the scene, some really  unexpected. Hope you agree with my chart.

15. Mogwai – Central Belter (Post-Rock)

It’s actually  a compilation that summarize their fantastic career, so if you don’t know them, that’s a good start.

14. The Dead Weather – Dodge and Burn (Alternative/Indie Rock)

After 5 years of their previous work, another reunion for this ‘super band’ leaded by Jack White, including members from The Kills, Queens of the Stone Age and The Raconteurs. If you like Jack White you like whatever he does, style doesn’t change much from their previous works, but power of voices and instruments make this LP very pleasant.

13. Roisin Murphy – Hairless Toys (Indie Electronic)

Ex Moloko’s leader, she comes back on the scene after a looong silence. And she does in her style, soft but scratching. Overall not a ‘Wow’ LP but it’s a pleasure to listen her voice again.

12. !!! – As If (Dance-Punk)

Very good work for !!! (called Chk Chk Chk), they published a record closer to their first albums. Last two were nice but not excellent.

11. Blur – The Magic Whip (Britpop, Alternative/Indie Rock)

I was very curious about their return, especially because Damon Albarn in the last years – but also in the last Blur works- turned their style from pure britpop to electronic sounds. Actually it didn’t evolve in a clear electronic direction (like Radiohead for example) but came back in a pop style, still nice because they are Blur, but probably not what i was expecting!

10. Squarepusher – Damogen Furies (Drum’n’Bass, Experimental Electronic)

If you followed me a little you know i love this artist. I had the pleasure to see his fantastic show at Coachella last year. Sometimes he goes too extreme as sounds but his talent is clear and  finally recognized.

9. AFX – Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-2008 (Experimental Electronic, Experimental Techno, Acid Techno)

Father of experimental electronic music, AFX aka Aphex Twin aka Richard James, made this collection of songs never published or reedited. Last year his last official album won the award ( a Grammy if i remember well) for best electronic album. Not many words to add.

8. Eagles of Death Metal – Zipper Down (Alternative/Indie Rock)

They sadly became famous for the recent tragedy at their concert in Paris, but EODM is one of the best bands in their genre. The fact that Josh Homme (leader of Queens of the Stone Age) is in the project is not casual.

7. Bjork – Vulnicura (Electronic, Pop Rock)

What to say about one of the most influent artists in the last 20 years? nothing new. This album is not great if you listen once, you have to go carefully and slowly into it and it will hug you.

6. Hot Chip – Why Make Sense? (Indie Rock, Indie Electronic)

Talking about amazing return on the scene, Hot Chip album was surely one of the most exciting ones. A -usual- mix of different styles, acceleration and slowing down, everything dressed with different instruments and sounds.

5. Battles – La Di Da Di (Experimental Rock, Indie Rock)

One of the most creative new bands coming out in the recent past. They confirm their creativity in this last work (not easy after the fabulous Gloss Drop) and also in the graphic -food related- part.

4. Metz – II (Indie Rock, Punk Revival)

Fantastic job for this Canadian trio published by historical record label SubPop! When you first listen to it you think, it’s done already? let ‘s listen again! no sophistications, just pure rock!

3. Tame Impala – Currents (Indie Rock, Psychedelic Rock)

How to make a fantastic album after 2 amazing ones? If you are Tame Impala you easily can. It also seems that they are getting better and better and it’s really though considering the masterpiece ‘lonerism’. Better for us! I also recommend to go see them live, they are amazing.

2. Muse – Drones (Indie Rock, Neo-Progressive Rock)

Their perfection in whatever they do (album, concert) is worldwide recognized. Every work is perfect, Bellamy’s voice is amazingly mixed with instruments and rhythms. I never have a disappointment when i listen to them, almost frustrating! I also appreciate their dedication to some causes inside their songs (like Massive Attack), it’s not only music but also a message to open our minds.

1. Verdena – Endkadenz vol.1-2 (Alternative/Indie Rock)

As i said before, their are the only italian musicians i can listen to. They remind me of Nirvana and probably this is the main reason why i like them. The amazing voice of Alberto Ferrari (leader, singer, author and guitarist) and sounds that extend from pure rock to ballads with piano make this band unique in italian scenario. Probably some of you never heard about them but i suggest to do it (and then let me know what do you think).

If you wanna listen what i wrote about, i created a playlist. Hope you will enjoy! Till the next time!