Top 5 2016 Albums.

Another year passed by and many interesting works were released. This year, more than others, will be more remembered for very important music artists lost…David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Prince and yesterday George Michael. Personally i don’t feel very affected because their music don’t represent my style but they made history so respect for them and for what they achieved in their lives. By the way, music industry -as well as life- doesn’t stop and we have to move forward instead of crying about the past.

In this (almost) past year i appreciated many works, but, choosing only 5, my favorite ones are:

5. The Orb – COW/Chill Out World (Electronic, Ambient)

Not an usual work for the english duo, but following the line of previous work Moonbuilding 2703 AD. This work seems a ‘new age’ work, very relaxing and peaceful, perfect as a background while you are doing something else.

4. M.I.A. – AIM (Alternative Dance, Alternative Rap)

I really like this artist, one of the most influent artists nowadays. I love her style of music made of many contaminations (never forgetting her indian origins) plus her way to give ‘take home messages’ to our generation. It’s not casual the award she has got from her video ‘Borders’ dedicated to Syria refugees crisis.

3. Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool (Alternative/Indie Rock)

Amazing work after 5 years of silence. I wouldn’t say they did something ‘really new’ from their previous works, but always a pleasant work, pure Radiohead style. As usual they also did very nice music videos directed by famous directors and visual artists.

2. Swans – The Glowing Man (Noise Rock, Experimental Rock)

Listening to Swans is always an ‘experience’. They started to play in the early 80’s and they still are amazing on stage. You have to be ready to long songs (some around 10 minutes), deep vocals and a lot of noise (many instruments)! In some songs it seems there are 3 different ones inside, starts in a way and ends in another one. This last work is a masterpiece.

1. Death in Vegas – Transmission (Electronic)

Like Radiohead, we had to wait 5 years to listen another work from them. Fortunately Richard Fearless didn’t leave us alone and we had the chance to listen many dj-sets and remixes. You will probably remember them for their famous Levi’s advertising song called Dirge. Despite their beginning (more guitars but always with an electric touch), over the years they became more and more electronic but -as well- more charming. Few songs were written (obviously by Richard Fearless) with ex pornstar Sasha Grey who also sings in ‘You disco i freak’ ( Highly recommended. I’m gonna share my two favorite songs of this work.




Best March Releases


David Bowie –> The Next Day (Art Rock, Experimental Rock)

How i can describe such a big artist like him in few lines? I won’t actually, i just suggest to listen this other chapter of his brilliant career. Hypnotic.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club –> Specter At The Feast (Alternative Rock, Garage Rock)

Sixth LP for this great Californian rock band. As their previous works, also this last one seems to be on the same (high) level. Their underground style didn’t change much over the years, but at the same time they are able to give a different rhythm to their works. Gritty.

Chelsea Light Moving –> Chelsea Light Moving (Experimental Rock,Indie Rock)

New project from Sonic Youth’s co-founder Thurston Moore (keep talking about rock poets). You are tired of the new radical-chic rock bands and you wanna listen scratching guitars? This LP is what are you looking for. Pure experimental Sonic-style. Tense.

The Strokes –> Comedown Machine (Indie Rock, New Wave)

This American band always surprise you how they can make simple riffs but at the same time with a very involving rhythm. Every LP they have made gives me this impression. Short, essential songs. Volatile.

Autechre –> Exai (Experimental Electronic, Electro-Techno)

Three years after their last work, this great UK duo came back with this double LP. On the similar ‘line’ of Aphex Twin, they still are considered -not only by me- one of the best experimental electronic performers (it’s not casual they publish on Warp Records). Visceral.

How to Destroy Angels –> Welcome Oblivion (Industrial,Alternative Rock)

This new project of Nine Inch Nails frontman and creator Trent Reznor (with his wife as -delicious- singer) is recommended obviously to the old NIN fans (like me) but also to the ones who like dark electronic atmospheres.

Clinic –> Free Reign II (Alternative/Indie Rock, New Wave)

Re-edition on Domino Records of the original album that came out in end of 2012. This very creative band from UK  also make pretty videos very good live shows. Theatrical.

Depeche Mode –> Delta Machine (Synth Pop)

Another great historic band decided to come out this month and we are not disappointed. Introducing their worldwide tour, this LP is a typical DM-style. Hypnotic.

Sound City: Real to Reel –> Soundtrack (Hard Rock, Pop Rock)

Soundtrack created by Dave Grohl from the documentary about the historical record studio Sound City closed in 2011. I write historical because many artists recorded amazing works in that studio, from Tom Petty until Nirvana’s Nevermind. Dave Grohl collected many musicians and artists playing together in this LP, like for example Paul McCartney playing with Nirvana’s musicians (Dave Grohl, Pat Smear and Kirst Novoselic). Visceral.

Post War Years –> Galapagos (New Wave, Synth Pop)

Interesting band coming, not surprisingly, from England publishing now their second work for RCA. Highly recommended if you like new and fresh sounds. Sprawling.

Best February releases


Atoms for Peace –> Amok (Indie Electronic)

New project for Thom Yorke (Radiohead, i have to specify that?) and Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers). If you like Radiohead in their latest years, u won’t be disappointed. Meditative.

Darkstar –> News from Nowhere (Indie Electronic)

Published by great Warp record label, this second work of this UK trio is very interesting (as well as this video). Difficult to categorize in 1 music style. Daydreaming.

Eels –> Wonderful, Glorious  (Alternative/Indie Rock)  

13th work from this american band. Always looking for new sounds, but also linked with their simple, involving and scratching style, this is a very pleasant LP. Cathartic.

My Bloody Valentine –> m b v (Alternative Rock)

Probably you don’t know this band because their short -but intense- career started in 1985 and finished in 1991, but you should know that they influenced many other bands in the following years. Welcome back! Ethereal.

Apparat –> Krieg Und Frieden (Music for Theatre) (Experimental, Ambient)

New experimental project for Apparat, who originally is a techno DJ but lately likes to explore new instrumental sounds. Before this, he published a very interesting album with a real band. Atmospheric.

Ellen Allien –> Lism (Electronic, Techno)

Not many words to describe well this german amazing artist. Her LPs usually are more electronic than techno, enchanting and captivating style. This following video is not from the last album since there are not videos available on youtube yet. Hypnotic.

Mogwai –> Les Revenants (Post Rock)

From Scotland, 11th LP from this instrumental sophisticated band. I really suggest to see them ‘live’, if you already didn’t, you will thank me after, i’m sure. But in the meanwhile listen their works, you will thank me as well! Reflective.

Iceage –> You’re Nothing (Hardcore Punk, New Wave)

From Denmark (yes Denmark) second work for this very young punk band. They have to grow, musically speaking, but they have got some talent. Harsh.